People Who Persevered Newsletter

Adversities to Success


My personal definition of perseverance is the act of overcoming a difficult obstacle while enduring numerous adversities along the way.

Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson overcame an adversity that would've affected his future success. Iverson and his friends often went to the bowling alley. Almost every time they went his friends will get into overwhelming altercations. At times Iverson would have to muster up some courage to yield so this wouldn't affect his record. Luckily, this turn of action never bit him back and he was very successful because of it.

Hasaan Hawthorne

(Cause and Effect)

Hasaan had no legs. He was often considered idled, or inadequate, because of this disability he was born with. Hasaan had a serious conviction that he could do whatever he wanted and that he could be whoever he wanted. Hasaan began to use prosthesis to help aid him during everyday tasks, he often faltered while using them. Hasaan started to wrestle. This was an astonishing moment and not because he didn't have his legs. This was because he had the will and strength to wrestle with his disability. Hasaan became very combative. He always wanted to wrestle which led him to may accolades including a Sectional Championship. Hasaan found resolve in his abilities and began to venture off exploring new possibilities that awaited him along his path.

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Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin started as a preacher. Martin then began witnessing the adversities of African Americans. Martin began speaking to the public and got a spark to ignite. His revolution started the Bus Boycott which then lead to Martin's legendary speech. Martin spoke eloquently in his I Have A Dream speech. All of Martin's work got him the results he sought which was the freedom of African American and for people to stop segregation. However, the victory was very short lived and it began again after Martin's death. Martin's followers adhered to him even in death.

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Jonas' civilization is very secure about their secrets and depend on one person to hold those secrets. The Giver is supposed to pass down wisdom. The Giver passes down color and secrets. The Giver slowly dies. The giver also starts to lose his memory as he passes them to Jonas. The Giver and Jonas plot to spread the civilizations secrets and give them color. Jonas is now the Giver and gave the town memories, color, war, and the secrets. Both parties found complacent in this solution as well.
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In Closing

I have learned the value of the expensive and useful worth of perseverance. I see that many people persevere and some even inspire others to do the same. There are people in the world who want to persevere but don't because they lack the courage, but all they need is a view of the finish line. Some people need the will to persevere. People need a little push to persevere because it is easier for them to run away from their obstacles and hardships than facing them head-on. In the end we all need someone to look up to that has persevered so we too can show perseverance.