North Forsyth Walking Tour

April Castillo, Emily Moran, Dawson Rogers, and Katie Mulko


Defintion: Common social trend among a society.

We chose to depict North Forsyth high school norms by showing somone that is wearing camoflauge. Many students, both males and females, wear camoflauge as a part of their everyday outfits.


Definition: Something that is easily recognizable that evokes a thought or product that defines a cultural aspect.

A symbol of North Forsyth high school is the "NF" logo that is found through various locations of the high school. We see it not only around the building but the students also express their school spirit by having "NF" stickers on their vehicles, putting temporary tattoos on themselves or painting themselves for games and any other activity that requires school spirit.

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Definition: A subculture whose values and norms differ substantially from those of mainstream society.

For counter-culture, we decided to show a picture of a student at North Forsyth high school that wears a cape, or "cloak," to school every day. To anyone else, this is seen as substantially different from regular clothing decisions that are made by students here.

Social Network

Definition: The web of a person's social family and business contacts who provide material and social resources.

As an example of social network, we chose to show the North Forsyth high school twitter page where all information is posted in regards to what events are coming up and anything else that a student might unsure about. Since our generation is drowned with social media, this is a very successful way to maintain the student body informed.


Definition: Group of people excluded from or not belonging to a certain group.

The cafeteria would be a perfect example to show how out-group occurs at North Forsyth high school. You can't just sit "anywhere" because you are immediately stared at awkwardly and are made felt extremely uncomfortable.


Definition: Identifiable different social groups within a larger culture.

Although it is not exclusive, the group of Hispanics that gather around the tree in between class change is a perfect example that would demonstrate "outgroup" being practiced. Basically, if anyone that is not of Hispanic descent tries to relate to them during their 'get together's' at the tree, they automatically begin to feel like they do not belong.


Definition: Culture activites or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at, the tastes of the general population.

To show popculture, we are demonstrating the various forms of clubs and extracurricular activities that are offered here at North Forsyth high school.

Formal Organization

Definiiton: Fixed set of rules on an organization that must be followed.

An example of formal organization is the administration here at North Forsyth high school. Without their rules and regulations, the school would always be in a chaotic turmoil and therefore although sometimes found ridiculous, their jobs are what keep this school running the way it is.

Cultural Status

Definition: Position of rank of a person or group; can earn their social status by their own achievements.

An example of cultural status here at North Forsyth high school are the archetypal groups such as the "jocks," "drama kids," "robotics," etc.

Social Ingroup

Definition: Individual feels respect and loyalty from the other members of that group.

Among the JROTC population, there are many social ingroups. People of higher ranking receive the respect and loyalty from those of a lesser rank because they have earned their position through years of leadership experience.

Social Institution

Definition: Established set of norms and subsystems that support each society's well being.

Social institutions are seen all throughout North Forsyth high school. Every clique in this school has its own social institution that has its own unique set of norms with its corresponding subsystems.


Definition: What is expected of a person in society.

JROTC cadets are a great example of the word "role." Due to the uniform we are wearing and the precedent previous cadets have implemented, we cadets are expected to excel in leadership, responsibility, and respect towards everyone around us, with both adults and our peers.


Definition: Behaviors, beliefs, and characteristics of a particular ethnic or age group.

An example of culture here at North Forsyth high school is the Russian Club. This club is exclusive to those that are particularly well at speaking the Russian language.

Group Think

Definition: Practice of approaching problems or issues as matters that are best dealt with by concensus of a group rather than by individuals acting on their own.

We see group think when we are paired with other people for a group project, such as this one. This project would cause a much greater work load if it were an individual project but due to the fact that it was distributed among a group of 4 to 5 people, it was much simpler.

Secondary Group

Definition: People interact on a less personal level than in a primary group.

As an example of seconday group, we decided to talk about the interactions between students with their classmates and their actual friends outside of school. Although people may be nice to each other at school and in class, that does not mean they are indeed friends.

Social Structures

Definition: An organized pattern of relationships/insitutions that make up society.

To show social structures, we have the cafeteria as an example because people sit based on an organized structure that is determined on the very first day of school by the students themselves.

Group Dynamics

Definition: Interactions that influence attitude/behavior when grouped with other people.

For this we decided to interview a student asking whether they made decisions with their friends that they wouldn't have made had they been ny themselves.

Bystander Effect

Definition: When the presence of others hinders an individual from intervening in an emergency situation.

We portrayed the bystander effect by reenacting Katie dropping items in an empty hallway where there is only two other people. It is more probable that someone will stop when there is not many people rather than when someone drops something during class change. Sometimes, not even the person that dropped that itemis willing to bend down and pick the item up for fear of being trampled on and legitamately being killed.

Group Site

Definition: Number of individuals in a group; larger groups need leaders, smaller groups think more alike

An example of group site is the JROTC program here an North Forsyth high school. Because it is such a large group, there is a rank structure that allows for there to be leaders that are capable of setting a positive example for the rest of the battalion and is able to be regarded as an exemplary representation of the entire Raider Battalion.

Primary Group

Definition: Small social group whose members share close relationships.

An example of a primary group is the drama department here at North Forsyth. They are a group that shares very cose relationships not just within school but their social life entirely interconnects with each other.


Defintion: Culturally defined standards held by human individuals or groups about what is desirable.

To demonstrate the definition of values, we decided to use Y-Club as an example because it has standards that differ from most of the student body at North Forsyth high school.


Definition: Formal organization with various levels.

The JROTC Raider Battalion would also be a perfect example of a Bureaucracy, with its structured leadership and formal organization.

Fork Culture

Definition: Groups that do not do things new ways and prefer to maintain their days routinary.

An example of fork culture here at North Forsyth high school are those that prefer to not go out with friends or take a break from school because they have always been used to pushing the entire time and giving it their all. Sometimes this can cause a hinder in their social life, which is just as important to maintain a healthy level of stress.

Social Networking (in person)

Definition: Face-to-face interactions one has on a daily basis.

An example of personal social networking would be the everyday life of a student at North Forsyth high school with the interactions they constantly have between their friends, teachers, classmates, etc.


Definition: The way the leader acts determines how the group acts.

Leadership is seen throughout every group of friends here at North Forsyth. Whether one accepts it or not, there is always a leader in every group of friends that influences the rest of the group to act in a certain way.


Definition: Determined by culture; how we communicate our ideas.

An example of language is how some Hispanics prefer to speak in Spanish with their other Spanish speaking friends.