Defeated Spanish Armada in 1588

The Prominent Army

Spanish vs. English

In the Spanish Armada, the Spanish fought to remove Queen Elizabeth because she was viewed as a Protestant, so they would be able to rule and forcibly convert the English to Catholicism. The commander of the Spanish was Duke of Medina Sidonia, and he led 19,000 fighting men. While the Spanish were trying to conquer, the English were fighting for their freedom, and they were led by the Lord High Admiral of England.

Spanish Failures

Spain was so called “Invincible Armada” but was defeated by an English naval force. The Spanish ships were slower and less well armed than the English. The English navy took advantage of their long-range heavy guns. Spanish ships were also forced to sail out the sea because the English had sent burning ships. Queen Elizabeth’s defeat made England world-class power.

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