1st Amendment

By: McKenna Watson

What are the rights given to us through the First Amendment?

The First Amendment gives us freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. Freedom of religion means the government cannot establish a national religion. Freedom of Speech means the government cannot create laws or take action that keep us from saying what we feel or think. Freedom of press means we can get information from any resource. The government cannot control what is broadcast on the radio or TV, what is printed in magazines and books, or what is online. Freedom to petition gives us the right to ask for changes or adjustments in the government. Lastly, freedom of assembly gives citizens the right to come together in private and public gatherings.

Violation of the First Amendment

Is this right always followed?

The answer would be no. The government does not always follow the First Amendment. Some of these rights are restricted for good reason, such as, not allowing someone to scream fire in a movie theater, so that chaos is not created and people are not hurt. However, sometimes these rights are restricted unjustly. For example, crowds gathered in Ferguson to protest. Police stopped them from moving forward, violating their freedom of speech and right to assemble. If the authors of the constitution saw the government today, would they be proud?