By Lukas Maier and Daniel Aluko Dig. Lit. Period 6 1/20/16

How can we educate people about the health risks of eating McDonald's food often?

This question inspired us to inform other children about what there really consuming when you eat that big mac. We selected this topic because we strongly believe that children need to eat healthier foods. In this day and age it is challenging to find out what your eating at restaurants so we are taking educating people about this into our own hands. In McDonald's food you will find many harmful ingredients in their food such as preservatives, additives, and thickening agents. The FDA allows this because it is put in McDonald's food in moderation.

The Big Mac

Some little known ingredients include...

  • Ammonia sulfate (Most common use as lawn fertilizer) (Bread)
  • High fructose corn syrup (Bread and Sauce)
  • Three different preservatives (processed cheese)
  • Polysorbate 80: a synthetic liquid that has a yellow color. (Pickles)

  • Azodicarbonamide (used in plastics synthetic leather) (Bread)

McDonald Focuses Marketing on Kids

As written by Beth B (Full last name kept anonymous) "McDonald’s has and always will target children with its advertising" McDonald's markets to children because they want children to see them as a father when they grow up. They know that kids won't watch what they eat and that they will care about only the toy. They use cartoon characters like Ronald to influence kids to buy their food.

What we learned.

We learned that eating too much McDonald's is very unhealthy and that they market children to get money. They also have many strange ingredients in there food. In conclusion you should only eat McDonalds in moderation.
Fast Food Business - Shocking Truth Behind It