Charles Darwin

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It doesn’t come often when a man prefers thinking outside the box, but those that do are always a cut above the pack. When he encountered new discoveries that previously were untrue, his intelligence had backed up his new theories. But his intelligence and theories didn’t just fly in and jump into his brain. To have become who he was, he devoted his time and all of his hard work to find and execute what he desired to find. Sadly, this man would have completed much more than he did if it wasn’t for his dastardly sickly body. This man who accomplished what nobody could have ever done can be none other than Charles Darwin.


To begin with, Charles Darwin was one of the most hardworking people ever. During his voyage to chart the coasts of South America, Charles had spent weeks camping on the islands to conduct countless experiments with turtle and tortoises. Furthermore, Charles had used up many notebooks for his work. In fact, he had filled his primary notebook (which he called his “A” Notebook), that he actually had to open another notebook to record more of his work (he called the second notebook his “B” Notebook). In addition, he had been working so much with other scientists that he actually invited them to his house. Usually when people do this, they only have them stay for about a night or so. However, these scientists had spent days with Charles. Also, the text had stated that many people who had visited Charles recalled that, “A visit with Charles was more like an oral exam than a holiday… He had a number of slips of paper on his desk. On them were things he wanted to ask them.”


Next, Darwin was an ultimately intelligent person. In 1859, he published a book about new species forming. During that time, everybody didn’t agree with it at all because it went against the Bible, but Charles knew it was true. Also, when he met the Fuegians, he realized why they were unsuccessful. There was no chief or government to lead them, so they couldn’t be organized. Charles realized that this was the reason. In 1839, he published another book called A Naturalist’s Voyage. Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H.M.S. “Beagle” around the world (the “Beagle” was the ship he sailed upon on a journey to chart the coasts of South America and observe different plants and animals). It was about how land had risen over time to form islands. Again, nobody agreed with this conclusion because it went against the flood told of in the Bible when Noah saved the animals, even though it was actually true. Also, when Charles was writing The Origin of Species, he had found out that overtime species have to adapt to their environments in order to survive, and that the species who hadn’t survived had been the ones who couldn’t adapt quickly enough.


Lastly, Charles Darwin was always extremely sickly. All throughout the voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle, Charles had been very sick. He never got used to the motion of the waves. Also, when he was thinking about getting married or not, he had gotten multiple headaches and had frequent pains in his stomach. According to Charles Darwin: Naturalist by Margaret J. Anderson, “Charles was ill, off and on, for the rest of his life. He got sick whenever he was under stress.” Furthermore, Charles had become sick when his other book, A Naturalist’s Voyage. Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H.M.S. “Beagle” around the world, had been criticized again, he realized that if the people saw the notes in his notebooks, they would be much more upset. This stress caused him to be sick again. In addition, when Charles had begun working harder, his sicknesses skyrocketed. Sometimes it became tough for him to work for just an hour. Throughout the day and night, his heartbeats had been unsteady. During the daytime, he had multiple stomach pains and vomited like crazy. Also, at night, he couldn’t sleep. He had also gotten boils. To this day, the cause of all these illnesses were unknown. However, some people think that they were brought on by something that he may have picked up in South America. Some others also say that it was just imaginary. However, it is most likely that his symptoms were brought on by stress.

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The world wouldn’t be the same without Charles Darwin. His hard work drove him to strive forward to new discoveries. Paired with his intelligence which told the world about how different life was and just how much they had only scratched the surface. If he hadn’t been plagued by illness, his achievements would have been far greater, but that doesn’t affect how much he had discovered. Whether one realizes it or not, their life would still be hanging on the religious-based creation theory if it weren’t for Charles Darwin.