Anxiety And Panic Disorders

Frankie Koenig, Health-5 due 10/14/16

Panic Disorder

A panic disorder is usually brought on by anxiety. The symptoms of a panic/ anxiety attack is rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, some people even describe a panic or an anxiety attack as a feeling like you are dying.


Anxiety opposed to fear, is an excessive , out of proportion response to a vague ill defined, future oriented danger.

Anxiety and panic disorders tend to affect women over the age of 18 the most.


General info. on anxiety and panic disorder.

Anxiety and panic disorder is not fatal but it is a very uncomforting experience for the victim. The disorder not only effects the victim but the people around them too. If you have this disorder then you may not want to go out and do things such as shopping, going to the movies, going out to eat etc... Not wanting to do the things can make your friends feel unwanted like you don't want to hang out or be with them when really you are just to scared of what might happen when you go out. SO STOP ASKING THOSE WHAT IF QUESTIONS!!!

Treatments for anxiety and panic disorder.

Treatments for anxiety and panic disorder vary. One of the treatments are Anti- depressants ; which can be used for anxiety, depression, O.C.D, and many other things. Other treatments can be yoga and therapy. The treatments all depend on who it is.

Agencies for anxiety and panic disorder are down below.

What Panic Attacks Feel Like