Persevering With Grit Qualities

By: Andrew Luckett

Excellence vs. Perfection

Did you know that people with the characteristics of grit strive for excellence rather than perfection? People with excellence want to strive for something and people with perfection are in a state where they don't have to improve.

In the book "Woods Runner" by Gary Paulson the author writes about a boy named Samuel who strives to be good at hunting and practices everyday and hunts for his family. He shows excellence because he wants to do well at something but he doesn't mind the fact that he is not perfect at it. On the other hand, in the book "Super" by Mathew Cody, a kid named Daniel gets super powers and wants to be perfect but is frustrated by the fact that he is not.

These kids are similar because they both have goals to be good at what they do. They are different because Daniel will get mad at himself whenever he does something wrong or doesn't do it perfectly and Samuel just understands that he is not perfect, but continues to strive to improve Everyone tries to be good at something but other people try to be better than anyone else.

Sources: "Woods Runner" by Gary Paulson and "Super" by Mathew Cody

How to be courageous

There are very few people who have enough courage to overcome their fears. If you are one of the many people who are scared of things then this article will help you overcome your fears and not be afraid to act.

The first step to being more courageous is to have a lot of confidence in yourself. For example the lion from "Wizard of Oz" was very scared of almost anything, but once he started to have confidence in himself, he became very courageous.

The second step to being courageous is realizing that you have to overcome it because your life will be a lot better if your fears don't control you. For example Tiger Woods the, professional golfer, use to have a fear of speaking to large crowds, but he kept practicing and learned to overcome his fear of public speaking.

The third and final step to being courageous is to remind yourself what is at stake. It could be for winning an award or medal, or to do something as simple as doing it to make yourself happy.

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The key to resilient

A lot of people are struggling to recover from misfortune. Most time you can't control the bad things that happen to you. If something bad happens to you, don't just sit around and feel sorry for yourself. You also need to realize that you always have choices to make.

The choice is weather or not you handle it well. Someone who has handled misfortune was Oscar winner Halle Berry. Halle once was once homeless and lived in a homeless shelter when she was in her early 20's. Whenever you are going through misfortune remember to stay calm and make the best out of what you can.


Going for the Long Term Goal

Some people think that everything happens for a reason. Whether that is true or not, if you set goals and stick by it no matter what happens, you have a good chance of succeeding.

For example, Micheal Jordan kept setting goals for himself and year by year he worked and trained. Eventually, after a long time of training, he became one of the best Basketball players to ever live. If you don't set goals for yourself, it's not like your destroying the chance of succeeding. If you are not setting goals than you are not paying attention to what needs to be done to succeed


The Qualities of Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness is the trait of being careful or vigilant. For example, Sherlock Holmes has the qualities of conscientiousness because he has to be careful and look at the evidence carefully.

Paul Tough writes about how conscientiousness helps people succeed in everyday life. This could help in the real world because if you are thorough then you would use the carefulness to do a task well. People with conscientiousness are overall very successful. This is a good quality to have.