Invented by James Naismith

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The greatest and latest invention by James Naismith is the Basketball. This Basketball can be taken anywhere and used anywhere. People are coming from all around to buy the Basketball and you should be one of them. The basketball can bounce, there are grips to make it easier to handle, you can shoot it into a hoop, and best of all you don't need anyone to play with, just yourself. The Basketball is good for all ages and anyone can use it. A basketball would be useful almost anytime, if you're bored at home and have nothing to do, just take it outside and dribble around. Maybe if you and your friends want to play a game, you can all play Basketball! This ball will change entertainment in the United States!

The Reflection

I learned that back when the ball was first invented there were strings like a football has. I don't know why they were there but I'm guessing to help better control shots and passes. Another thing i learned was that there was no bottom to the hoop it was just a peach basket. Also when James Naismith first invented the game of basketball he originally used a soccer ball.

One of the effects that the Basketball had on people back in the late 1800's was that it gave the athletes a sport to do in the winter and gave people things to do when they were bored. An effect it has on life today is the entertainment. Almost everyone has at least watched a basketball game on TV, some more than others, but to some people basketball is one of the most important things in their lives. They watch every game for their favorite team and go to all of the home games. Also times of the year like March Madness. There were about 13 million brackets filled out this March. All of those people watching the same games to try and win money or just for the fun of it. Basketball has brought a lot of new kinds of entertainment to the world.

The technique I used was repetition. I repeated the word Basketball in almost every sentence to get that word into peoples head and they wont forget about it.