Giving Book Talks

How to Get Your Students Excited about Books!

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The Reading Zone

According to Atwell (2007), "It isn't enough to fill a classroom with great titles. An important role of the reading teacher-the most important work, according to my students--is to become so intimate with good books that we bring life, with our voices, to the tattered spines that line the shelves of our libraries. We make it even more likely that kids will find books they love when students, too, have opportunities to inform their classmates about titles that are too good to miss." (p. 67)

It's Time for a Booktalk!

Librarian, Academic Specialist, Reading Interventionist and other willing participants will model how to give a book talk.

How Do I Give a Booktalk?

Just in case you want or need more support.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Your turn!

If you'd like to share your amazing, exciting, and passionate book talk, then please connect to Airserver.

I will walk around to provide assistance, if you need it.

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