Electrostatic Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Electrostatic Spray Painting is used to help make sure the paint is uniform and helps protect the car's metal interior from weather and high speed. This way of painting is much more efficient using up less time and less effort, instead of the painter moving around the paint will move its self around the object making it easier for the painter.

How Electrostatic Spray Painting Works

The spray point goes through the gun and at the tip of the gun the where the paint is given a negative charge. The object being painted has been positively charged so that the negatively charged paint is attracted to the positively charge object. The paint will travel around the object to even paint the object so that the paint is uniform. With out Electrostatic Spray Painting the paint will only go on the front of object where the gun was pointing to but will not even spread around the object.

How does the paint get charged?

The spray gun is a small electrode, which is a conductor of electricity and is negatively charge. When the paint passes through the nozzle then the paint will be charged by contact making the paint negatively charged.

Why does the paint spread around the object in Electrostatic Spray Painting?

The paint spread around the object because the paint is negatively charged and the object is positively charged, so when the paint is sprayed on to a certain place of the object the paint which was sprayed on the object first will repel the paint being sprayed on to the same point causing the paint to spread around the object until the paint finds a uncovered spot.
What is Electrostatic Spraying?


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