PHMS School Counseling

PHMS School Counselors

Your School Counselors want you to know that we are still here for you during this time while we are not in school. Please email us if you have any concerns or just need to talk. We would love to hear from you!

We are checking email regularly with additional set times listed below:

Dr. Angelica Greiner - 8:00 am-10:00 am {last names A-He}

Ms. Rhoda Simmons - 10:00 am-12:00 pm {last names Hi-L}

Mrs. Whitney Moore - 1:00 pm-3:00 pm {last names M-Z} or 803-629-1377

We have several resources listed on this page and are available to help any way we can.

Students will receive emails regularly from us checking in, providing exercises for their mental well-being, and e-classroom mental health lessons.

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A check-in from your School Psychologists


Creating a secure home environment is important so that you and your children can deal with stress and uncertainty in a healthy way. Drawing from developmental psychology, here’s what parents can do:

  • be predictable and consistent
  • be responsive
  • be nurturing and affectionate
  • model calm reassurance and thoughtful problem solving

Here is a link to the Child-Mind Institute website that elaborates on these points:

The next link provides more detailed handouts providing tips for parents to use to address their kids' anxiety (scroll to the middle of the page to find the section titled "Managing Anxiety").

Activity for students:

Build on the increase of responsibility you've had to assume for your academic learning (i.e., the teacher is not in the room supervising me, so I have to supervise myself), to apply the same self-supervision / responsibility to understanding and nurturing learning in the things that contribute to my personal development.

"What brings me joy in connecting me with others, nurtures my interests, and allows me to contribute to my community?"

Record activities performed to enhance self-development in 4 major areas:

  1. Spiritual/Socially - what things did I do today that helped me improve my ethical/moral self or allowed me to better serve others and my community (e.g., activities to practice mindfulness/self-reflection, empathy, compassion, kindness, anything that directly helped others at a personal cost, etc.)?
  2. Physical - what things did I do today that improved me physically (e.g., stretching, weight lifting, cardio/endurance exercise, etc.)?
  3. Intellectual/Mental - what things did I do today that improved my knowledge base (e.g., reading in an area of personal interest, learning/practicing a specific skill unrelated to school assignments, etc.)?
  4. Academic - what specific academic skills did I practice/review today (e.g., at a minimum reading, writing, math)?


In the case of an emergency, you may call the following:

Crisis Line 800-273-8255

Lexington County Community Mental Health 803-399-9291

Community Crisis Response & Intervention 833-364-2274

Students also have access to additional crisis lines on their school IDs.

Meals: Follow the Lexington One Food Service and Nutrition Facebook page for updates!

For a complete list of food delivery locations during school closures please visit:

Other food pantry options listed below.

Counseling: If you are a current client of Lexington County Community Mental Health or LifeChanges, their office will be contacting you about continuing services.

Private Counselors/Therapists listed below.

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