Staff Newsletter - Week of 10/19

The Illusion of Success

Success does not happen over night. You will face challenges this year. You will face great moments too. However, when it gets tough, it seems as though we compare ourselves to others. We get discouraged. We forget how success is like an iceberg. We only see the top of the iceberg in other people's lives. Remember, they too faced persistence, failure, sacrifice, disappointment, etc. Outwardly, some appear to have success, but it's not without a lot of tremendous hard work and sacrifice. Successful people aren't born with an advantage. Successful people aren't born talented. Success is complex. Real success comes from practice. Effort and practice creates success!

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Dimension 2.3 Communication

The teacher clearly and accurately communicates to support persistence, deeper learning and effective effort.

Dimension 2.4 Differentiation

The teacher differentiates instruction, aligning methods and techniques to diverse student needs.

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Stick Pick app!

Ever heard of it?? Have you ever used equity sticks (popsicle sticks with each student’s name written on them) to ensure that you are calling on all your students equally? Wouldn’t it be great if your sticks could do more? What if they could help your students build higher order thinking skills? Or what if they could help your English language learners improve their English? With Stick Pick, you can! You can use Stick Pick as a random name generator, but the true power of Stick Pick is its ability to display “question stems” that are uniquely tied to each learner’s cognitive or English language ability level. You can even track your students’ performance! Download the app on an iPad near you today!

I heard about the Stick Pick app and downloaded it for $3.99. It seems to be a really cool app that you could use within your lesson to show evidence in Dimensions 2.3 and 2.4. RtI progress monitoring also comes to mind for ways this app could be utilized! If you would like to play with it before purchasing it, you're welcome to check it out on my phone! - Saldaña

"Stick Pick" | EdTech Tuesday | Professional Development
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Devine Intermediate School

Principal: Blain Martin

Assistant Principal: Lysandra Saldaña

Counselor: Cassie Brown

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