'Clote Convo

March 30, 2020

Distance Learning: Week One

We are wishing you well as you embark on your first week of distance learning. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe! Please make sure to take care of yourselves and your families!

Monday Means We are Back to Work

All Faculty and Staff will return to work VIRTUALLY on Monday, March 30th. No one will return PHYSICALLY to campus before April 15th (except those already on campus and previously contacted). I have listed things below for all job categories to do on Monday and Tuesday.

More clarification on roles and responsibilities will be coming from Admin as we move through the week. Our goal right now is to have Monday and Tuesday operate well for device distribution, planning day, and students getting back into learning with their teachers.

Things to Do on Monday and Tuesday

Here are some things all AHS staff members should be doing on Monday, and Tuesday

  • Read this and all 'Clote Convos where we will collect all critical information. I know that emails can pile up. I'll try to get what you need inserted in these.
  • Please create a Google Voice phone number and email it to Chrissy Cooper camartin@pasco.k12.fl.us. She will be preparing a document we will publish on our website Wednesday morning
  • Click on the new "Distance Learning" Icon on your MyPascoConnect Dashboard and read your job responsibilities for Distance Learning. See other entries in this 'Clote Convo about the OneNote.
  • Check your MyPascoConnect and see if Zoom has been posted on your dashboard. If it has, open it and learn how to use it. If it hasn't, Download Zoom to your MyPascoConnect Dashboard using the "edit" and "add new app" buttons. Try it out with your colleagues - teachers and IAs can use this for setting up the courses' schedules of coverage.
  • Read the eLearning newsletters provided to both teacher and parents/students so you understand what has been presented to our community. This will help you better serve our students, no matter what role you play in our school. See the links in this 'Clote Convo.
  • Access the District health page for ALL updated information on the Coronavirus, Distance Learning, etc... All staff should familiarize yourself with this link to assist parents, students and families. Please note there are 5 buttons under the header of the page labeled "Home," "Academics," "Distance Learning," "Employees," and "Feeding Students" that are all live links. Click on each and learn about all we are doing. The public - and sometimes our own staff members - don't know all the incredible behind-the-scenes work going on in the schools. https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/coronavirus
  • READ through the plans for Distance Learning. THINK ABOUT what working remotely may look like for you and in light of your job responsibilities. JOT DOWN what you can do remotely to address your responsibilities and note other things you can do to keep our school operating well. We will hold other Zoom sessions to gather ideas and collaborate, and coordinate our efforts in support of each other, our students, and our families.
  • Develop a professional and comforting work environment at home. Here are some resources to consult:
  • Best Practices for Working from Home

    5 Tips for Working from Home

    7 Tips for Working Remotely

    Owning Your Personal Engagement as a Remote Worker

Pay Information

Per the District, all faculty and staff members - Instructional & Non-Instructional - will receive their paycheck through the remainder of the school year.

Time Clock Plus

Instructional Staff

You will just verify that you are working 7.5 hours daily via Time Clock Plus. Put your regular school hours that you would have put if you were coming to campus. You will not clock in/out, in/out based on your distance learning schedule. Beginning Monday, You MUST start doing this every day of the week.

Non-Instructional Staff

Hourly staff on campus have to use the physical clock or the web-clock, with accurate times. Beginning Monday, you MUST clock in/out every day. Here is the web-clock for any hourly employee who needs to use it from a computer or other device.



Our admin team and several others will be busy on Monday with the Device Check Out. Please know that if you reach out to any of them on Monday, they may not be able to get back to you until Tuesday. After such a day, they will be required to go home to take care of themselves and their families. We are not ignoring you, but please wish us luck!

Google Voice Help Files

Get set up with a Gmail account and a Google Voice number HERE.

Help files to guide you in your use of Google Voice:

Creating a Google Voice Number

The Do's and Don't's of Google Voice

Setting Up and Outgoing Voicemail Message on Google Voice

Zoom Tutorials


A few folks asked for some help with Zoom. Don’t get overwhelmed! Here are some help files and videos. For much of what we are doing now, Google will be your friend! Just ask Google your question and see the results.

Note: Suggesting these to you by no means implies that AHS and PCS have previewed them or approve of their content. – Necessary disclaimer

Zoom Help Page – Lot of Reading though


Zoom YouTube Videos – For beginners (scroll down after the page loads to see the videos)


Zoom YouTube Videos - For teachers (scroll down after the page loads to see the videos)


Here is something about Zoom settings so kids can’t do unsavory things during a conference call. (I kind of imagine that the adults wouldn’t to begin with, so that goes without saying!). https://security.berkeley.edu/resources/cybersecurity-and-covid-19/settings-preventing-zoom-bombing?fbclid=IwAR1IZiZomzPpS4jjjt9IQ-cD2ckAAclwtoKBipSQ8Kk62QD9ekLwp5rvwUk

Click the picture to the right to enlarge. Good tips there!

Virtual Extension Trainings

On Monday, March 30, 2020, there will be extension training for the following groups -- SEE THE OneNote (it's on your myPascoConnect under Distance Learning) FOR DETAILS:

  • ALL PK -12 ESE teachers (including teachers who teach access standards and TEP)
  • Behavior specialists
  • CRTs
  • ESOL teachers
  • Hospital/Homebound Teachers
  • School-based Threat Assessment Team Members
  • SSAPs
  • Students in Transition Teachers
  • Student Services Staff (including school counselors)
  • 504 Coordinators
  • Related service providers (DHH, VI, OT, PT, SLP).

  • All other District employees not listed above will resume work, virtually, on Monday, March 30, 2020. See the section above called, "Things to do Monday and Tuesday" for expectations of our staff.
  • Custodial Services employees & Maintenance employees will report to work, physically, on March 30, 2020.

Tuesday - March 31st

  • All students will begin distance learning today. (Some specialty courses will roll out a few days after.)
  • Please welcome them to your online classroom and help them to engage in the introductory steps to understand e-Learning.

Wednesday - Friday

We will be in touch about possible Zoom meetings to work in course teams, PLC, or other groupings.

For the Kids

Hot off the press is a much asked for Student Newsletter. Please feel free to share with your students!

Be Kind to Yourself

It is easy to become overwhelmed or experience highs and lows during this time. Find little ways to take moments for yourself. Stop at times and take a deep breath, a five minute walk, hit up social media... and know that your AHS family is here to support you!

Please know that the Sharks pictured below are NOT practicing social distancing but we hope you are!!

Big picture