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August 18, 2022


First and foremost, let me state that I am so proud of the great teaching and student engagement I see as I walk around our campus. I love talking with students about what they are reading and writing about in multiple contents of their educational life. I love seeing the creative ways we are getting students to engage in their learning. Our teachers and students are building a true tradition of BENGAL EXCELLENCE (BE).

I wanted to reach out and give you all some great news! I have never been a huge accountability or rating advocate. The reason is I know the work a staff of educators, parents, and community (everyone) puts in everyday to ensure our kids are taken care of and the potential is maximized. Sometimes that doesn’t show on a couple of days of testing. This time that wasn’t the case. The last couple of years have been challenging. Through this adversity we put in countless hours of work and were allotted an overall grade of a B for our accountability rating. This sits us as the #2 High School in Denton ISD (accountability wise). We all know that BENGAL NATION has the #1 community and staff in the state. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I would like to say THANK YOU to each one for the overwhelming support you give to our campus. These kids and our community is so special. Our work has only begun, but I am excited for the future of our BENGALS. I am so proud to be the Principal of BRASWELL HIGH SCHOOL.

Mr. Hailey


Message from Mr. Houff about Tardy Tank

What is the tardy tank?

The tardy tank is an alternative instructional setting for students who struggle with getting to class on time and for students who struggle with staying in class.

What are some of the things that can land students in the Tardy Tank?

Being late to class:
  • Everybody has a bad day. Sometimes we oversleep, students have practice, rehearsal, games, performances, and work. So, we get it for sure. Students may oversleep one or two times a year, and that’s understandable. We are very confident in our ability to tell the difference between a student who is running late, but goes straight to class and a student who’s been on campus since the doors opened at 8:30 and just decided to take the really, really long way to get to class.
Wandering the hallways:
  • We have instances when students must move around during instructional time. They must have a pass and student ID when they do. If they are stopped and don't have a pass, they are going to the tardy tank. If they are stopped and they do have a pass but they are out of their designated area. They are going to the tardy tank.

What happens when they are in the tardy tank?

  1. Students will need to turn in their cell phones

  2. Parents will be called or emailed

  3. They will be given a laptop and headphones and expected to participate virtually for the remainder of the class period.

In order to help your child with maximizing their potential, we are appreciate your assistance and support with encouraging your child to be on time.

Adjustment to our Bell Schedule (Monday August 22)

Due to some extenuating circumstances, we have had to make some adjustments to our bell schedule. Effective Monday, August 22, we will begin following the attached schedule. This will not affect arrival or dismissal.

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