Once opon a time dora went on a harsh mission. Dora and Boots are out to get Dora's exfriend Elmoe. Elmoe was spotted out by Barney.

my story

Rising actions

Dora and Boots started to plan, they wait for target, plans changed new partner, driving their so long, got their seeing target Dora's exfriend Elmoe they have a speacil person that loves Elmoe Big Bird.

my story


Barney, Dora, and Boots drive by they see Elmoe get out the front door of the house. Then they hurt him servily. After they let out Big Bird they. ''Call the cops'' Barney said in a deep voice,''or save him.''


Big Bird thought call the cops but the people that hurt Elmoe were gone. Big Bird was a doctor so he docter Elmoe. After a month elmoe was better and everyone rejoced.