Media Center News: Mid-October 2021

How to use Paper

Paper is an online tutoring and writing support program


  • Tutors do not answer questions but use the Socratic method to guide students to understand how to figure out the answer.
  • Students can also submit an essay to Paper. The tutors will review and annotate the writing, including feedback on style, structure, and grammar within 24 hours.
How Do Students Access 24/7 Live Help on Paper?

Students can get support for however long they need it - 5 minutes or 5 hours.


Paper is available in four languages.


Teachers can see which students are asking for help and in which subject areas.

Teacher Dashboard Walkthrough

Both students and teachers access Paper through MyBackpack.

New Students Getting Started on Paper


Posted by Oreta Hinamon Campbell

Library Media Specialist

Humphries Elementary School

3029 Humphries Drive

Atlanta, GA 30354

October 25, 2021