My Transcendental Journey

An Adventure Through Australia By: Sean Spears


Through the transcendental journey I will be taking through the beautiful country of Australia, I will learn more about who I am through this escape. Although the primary goal of the journey is self-discovery, the trip will also relieve stress by connecting with nature as well as challenging my body physically. An alternative reason to making this trip is to enjoy the many things in life that I am passionate about including taking in the beauty of nature and hiking in the mountains. In order to make this journey as meaningful as possible, a minimal amount of supplies and money will be used. Simply a backpack filled with enough food to last four days, a fishing pole, and snorkeling gear will be brought along with enough money to cover the fees of taking a taxi to the next location. Ultimately, this journey will bring about self-discovery through experiencing Australia's natural beauty along with a minimal amount of supplies.

Fraser Island

My journey through Australia will begin on Fraser Island, a location known for it's natural beauty. Fraser Island is made up of stretches of long white beaches with colored sand cliffs on its sides making it a popular location for tourists to visit. Up until 1991, it was legal to log on the island; however, in order to keep its beauty in pristine condition, it was added to the World Heritage list due to its "exceptional natural beauty." Previously the 75 mile long island offers much to see and do including basking in the Australian sun, fishing from the shore, and exploring the vast amount of wildlife that can be found on it. Personally, I will use this first day of the trip to relieve the stress that is brought about from the day-to-day problems created through the society I live in. This first portion of the trip will prepare myself for the mindset of isolating myself from societal problems in order to make them vanish by walking the sandy beaches and observing wildlife along the walk. In other words, visiting Fraser Island will permit myself to let all of the every day problems disappear and prepare myself for discovering more about myself along the remainder of the journey.

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Great Barrier Reef

To continue, my transcendental journey next takes me to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef in the entire world. Similarly to the Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1981 to protect the many vulnerable and endangered species there. In addition, CNN named it one of the seven wonders of the world making it increasingly more enticing for myself to visit. From a personal standpoint, I will be looking forward to the breathtaking sights of aquatic life and the coral formations. In turn, this will allow for myself to better make a connection with nature. The reason for this is due to the fact that I will be exposed to aquatic life that I would otherwise not come into contact with while floating alone in the middle of the ocean. This time alone offers an opportunity to take in the great power of the ocean and embrace the carefree moment offered by the coral reef. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is not only important for the transcendental journey I will set out on, but due to the fact that my dad has always dreamed of visiting the location and would love for me to have the opportunity to visit it. Put simply, the Great Barrier Reef will offer an ample amount of time to self-reflect and develop a closer connection with nature due to the aquatic life present.

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The Murrumbidgee River

Furthermore, day three of my journey picks up in the town of Wagga Wagga, a location known as a successful fishing spot in the Murrumbidgee River. Originally, European settlers settled the area in 1832 and it continues to thrive as a fishing location to this day. During this portion of the trip, I will be spending the day's entirety fishing off of the shore. In turn, this will be an extremely peaceful day spent alone with nature. The anticipation of awaiting a fish to bite and the thrill of reeling them in will provide much excitement for the day. This fishing part of the trip is extremely important to me as it is something that my grandpa loved to do before he passed and I feel as if he is sitting alongside me whenever I do so. In other words, fishing on the Murrumbidgee River will allow me to take part in the challenge of catching fish while maintaining a spiritual bond with my grandpa.

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Grampians National Park

The final leg of my journey begins with a day spent at the Grampians National Park. The Grampians are made up of five sandstone ridges with steep slopes along the sides. Also, a notable feature of the park includes Aboriginal paintings along the walls of caves which can be found scattered throughout the park. For my journey, I will be spending the final day hiking and climbing up the rock faces providing myself with a physical struggle to overcome. While exploring the park, I intend on searching for the paintings left behind in the caves from the Aborigine people since I find it amazing how something so ancient can still be found present and intact to this day. Personally, the final day is very special to me. On this day, I will be able to overcome the physical struggles posed by nature while basking in the beauty of Australia.

More information on the Grampians National Park here.


Over the course of the four day journey through Australia, there will be much that I will gain from the experience. Initially, the escape to a country with extreme beauty will provide the necessary escape from the problems plaguing society. Taking in the natural beauty of the land along with bountiful wildlife present will clear my mind and aid in developing a strong connection with nature. For the fishing portion of the trip, a spiritual bond will be forged between my absent grandpa and myself through the shared passion of fishing. The final day of the trip will have tested myself physically by pushing my body to the limits climbing steep cliffs and hiking large mountains. By the end of the trip, through the beautiful land of Australia, my transcendental journal will have been completed allowing for myself to have escaped societal problems, develop a stronger appreciation for nature, and to have proven myself physically in the face of some of nature's biggest obstacles.

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