"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader they set out to make a difference. Its never about the role, its about the GOAL. "

LIFE IS 10 PERCENT OF WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU AND 90 PERCENT OF HOW YOUR REACT TO IT. With the turn of the season comes NEW Challenges and old problems become heighten. You will have issues with students, coworkers, curriculum, at this school, another school, a day from now , a month from now....etc. ISSUES are apart of life, but your attitude towards them is so important. Are u going to let it effect you? NO! I have been in awe of how strong some of our Bluford STEM Staff Members are ( tougher than a $2 steak). KEEP BEING THE LIGHT! #PHENOMENALSTEMEDUCATORS

SHOUTOUT TO Miss. Copeland! It is No Secret that Miss. Copeland has one of the biggest classrooms in our school. But Miss. Copeland came up with an innovative idea with the use of Class Dojo. Miss. Copeland broke all of her students up into groups by colors. This can help with time management and very effective tool to hold students and also their classmates accountable. Way to go Miss. Copeland. #INNOVATEWITHSTEM

Shout OUT to Miss. Soloman! Ms. Soloman continues to show her creative STEM Skills in and out of the classroom. Ms. Soloman created letters for our STEM Bullentin Board! It looks great! Way to go Ms. Soloman! #STEMCREATIVITY

Shout OUT to Miss. Bass and Miss. Ferguson! Miss. Bass and Miss. Ferguson tried a new and innovated tool called Chalk talk. Chalk talk a silent activity, where no one may talk at all. The teacher writes a relevant question in a circle on the board or chart paper and the students respond to it. Variety is the spice of life and bringing different tools in your classroom can bring new life to your classroom. Way to Miss. Bass and Miss. Ferguson! #STEMTOOLS

Ms. Powers and Ms. Lockhart! We had the Communications leaders from our district come and talk to us Wednesday! If you are doing any activities that you would like publicity for send it to Ms. Powers and she can forward it towards Good News! #STEMNEWS

Shout OUT to Mrs. Littlejohn and the Student Council! Student council is excited to be launching a campaign of Pasta for Pennies raising money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society! Students receive prizes if they sell $50 or more! Make sure you donate! Way to go Mrs. Littlejohn and the Student Council #STEMCOUNCIL

Shout OUT to Multicultural Night Committee! The MultiCultural Night is coming up, please pay attention to emails from the Multicultural Night! We want Multicultural Night to be just as AWESOME as our Bluford STEM Events. Way to go MultiCultural Night! #DIVERSIFYINGOURSTEM

Shout OUT To Ms. Harmon! Ms. Harmon has adopted a Super Hero theme for her classroom this year! What is awesome is Ms. Harmon started with a Superhero Cape and she has taken it so much further, with motivational Superhero quotes, Signage and even her having a superhero shirt! The environment a child learns in can be important for kids performing their best. Way to go Ms. Harmon! #STEMSUPERHEROES

Shout Out to Mr. McCoy! Mr. McCoy is a retired IBM engineer, First Lego League Judge and he does STEM outreach to many of our schools through out the U.S. We had the privilege of hosting him at Bluford STEM Academy to talk to our 5th Graders about Kinetic/Potential Energy and Force and Motion. He provided our Bluford STEM Students with hands on STEM Activities #STEMMEETSFORCEANDMOTION

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