Useful Study Tips

Practice studying and improve your memory!

Pay Attention!

While studying at night, pay attention to the material you are studying. Attention is one of the major components of memory. In order for the information to move from the active short term memory to the long term memory, you must be highly focused. Turn off the cell phones and the televisions.

Be Organized!

Information in your memory is organized in clusters. You can take advantage of this by organizing the information you are studying. When it comes time to test, you will be able to recognize the information easier because the more drawers that a piece of information is in, the easier it is to retrieve and use.

Mnemonic Devices!

Use mnemonic devices to help learn the information. Mnemonic devices are used to associate new material with other information. For example, Please Excuse My Dear AuntSally is used to remember the order of operations when solving a mathematical equation.


Elaborate rehearsal is another way to improve memory. This allows you to connect new information to memories that have already been successfully encoded and stored. For example, if you are having to remember a speech, stand in front of a mirror and rehearse the speech over and over again. There is a better chance it will be stored in the long term memory!


Teach the new concepts that you have learned to others around you. By recalling the information and trying to explain it to others, it helps you to remember the information. Teaching the information to others enhances recall and understanding.