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From The Principal's Desk April 19, 2020


I hope this message finds our WCES family doing well. We know that these are different times for all of us and together we will get through this. We are heading into Week #5 of TeleSchool. Virtual Learning is well underway. A huge thanks for your participation and patience during this time. Teachers are hosting lessons virtually and students are engaged. We do understand that there are some families without access to digital learning and we are aware that you are completing the district learning packets. Either way, we appreciate your efforts.

As you know, we will be closed for the remainder of the year. Learning will continue. We are expecting students to complete assignments as outlined by their teachers. Teachers are available during normal business hours to filter questions and address concerns that parents may have. School operations will look differently for the remainder of the year but we are working virtually to complete the various school operational tasks as well.

Please log on to the Fulton CountySchools district website for more information regarding COVID -19 and district process. See helpful links below :





Food Distribution

Food distribution across the district will now be held on Wednesdays only. Distribution will take place at all of the identified 21 sites from 11:00 - 1:00 PM.

Device Distribution

For Wolf Creek 3rd - 5th grade parents that pre-registered for a device only: Devices will be distributed this week on Tuesday 4/21 and Thursday 4/23 from 11:00 - 12:00 PM from the school bus loop. Be sure that you proceed through the bus loop only for this distribution. The car rider loop will be utilize for a different purpose by the district. If you pre-registered, you should have heard directly from your child's teacher last week regarding details for device pick up.

Device Questions and Repairs

If there are questions or concerns regrading your device, parents should call the FC Hotline. The hours are 9:00 - 3:30 PM and the contact number is 404.254.2300. See the link here for more information:


***Please be reminded to check Class Dojo regularly for school information and various activities. This week, we will celebrate Earth Day! Check out the post for fun activities.

Stay safe and stay inside if you can.

Thanks for all you do! Let's Go Wolves!

In Partnership,

Principal Glass

WCES school website: https://www.fultonschools.org/wolfcreekes

Remote Learning Assignments and Grading Guidelines

The primary goal at Wolf Creek is to teach and expose the students to grade level standards in reading and math for the remainder of the year. We want to provide instruction on the standards so that students are prepared for the next grade level. We are working hard to make sure that our students will not have gaps going into the next school year.

Per GADOE guidance, limited instructional opportunities will not adversely impact students’ grades. Therefore, a student’s final average will be held harmless during remote learning if the student remains engaged and submits work that demonstrates mastery of the prioritized standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics for Grades Pre-Kindergarten-5.

Teachers will follow the process outlined below:

1. Teachers are available during normal school hours via email, Class Dojo and any other contact information they have provided.

2. Teachers will facilitate 2 online face -to-face instructional lessons weekly. Inquire directly with teacher for specific schedules or check the school's website.

3. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in all lessons. Teachers will cover remaining standards and provide learning strategies to help students obtain mastery.

4. Teachers will grade and enter 1 grade for Math and 1 grade for reading each week. Other assignments may be requested to be completed and students are asked to complete them as outlined by the teacher, however, ONLY 1 official grade in Math and 1 in reading will be entered into Infinite Campus for grading purposes.

5. Students will NOT receive a numerical grade for 4th quarter. Students are expected to participate in at least 70% of TeleSchool Learning activities. This 70% will be used to determine the final grades below.

K-5 grade students will receive an S, N, or I as a final grade entry for Q4

Satisfactory = 90-100; 80-89

Students passing during Q3; providing that 70% of Remote Learning assignments are satisfactory; (participating in live sessions; and/or watching video recording)

Needs Improvement =70-79
Students that had the grades of 70-79 during Q3; providing that 70% of Remote Learning assignments are satisfactory; (participating in live sessions; and/or watching videos) recordings.

Unsatisfactory = below 70

Incomplete = No attempt and no submission
Students that were failing reading and math during Q3; not participating in remote learning at least 70% of the time; previously on retention list; RTI tier 3

Parents and students will be notified before entering an “I” in IC.

NG/No Grade - Any student that was enrolled less than 20 days before March 12th .

We will use the totality of evidence to determine grades for the 4th quarter:

  • Communication with parents
  • Student participating with live sessions or recordings but no submission of work
  • Submitting work that demonstrates standards mastery – 1 reading 1 math
  • No device only completing packets and uploading assignments via pictures or scanned documents
  • Virtual participation but no submission of work
  • Make up work accepted for missed assignments
  • Late participation in any lessons

Student’s final Q4 average will be held harmless during remote learning.

  • If the student remains engaged (student can participate in live lessons; view recordings; and/or submit work demonstrating standards mastery in ELA and Math).
  • Real time and ongoing feedback from teacher are key.
  • Strongly encourage the completion and re-submission of any graded assignments.
  • Students should be given multiple attempts to show mastery.
  • Work that is submitted during remote learning will only count if it positively impacts a student’s overall grade

  • The Quarter 3 grading period ended 3/11/20. All teachers will use the Q3 average when ensuring a student’s Q4 average is not being negatively impacted during remote learning. Please see reports available below.
  • A student’s final Semester 2 grade should be the Q3 grade or higher.
  • Remote Learning grades can only positively impact a student's grade

***Summer School will be required for 1st - 5th grade students earning U - Unsatisfactory or I for Q4. More information will be provided for students falling in this category. Parents will receive early notification for any students that may possibly fall in this category.

Lessons will continue to be provided in Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, PE and Music. All students are strongly encouraged to participate as outlined. These lessons will expose students to any remaining standards for the specific content area and will be important as they matriculate to the next grade level.

Field Trip Refunds/Yearbooks

We appreciate your patience regarding refunds for funds received by the school for remaining trips, End of Year activities. We are working diligently to review records and recover any funds paid for deposits to various vendors. Grade Level Field Trip Coordinators are working with the school bookkeeper to cross reference all records. This is a timely process while operating virtually, but we are expecting to be ready to provide refunds by mid May. We will alert parents when these refund will be mailed. Please send any updated contact information to your child's teacher. Checks for any cash payments will be mailed using addresses in Infinite Campus when the time comes. We are also working with OSP , the online school payment, vendor to determine the process to refund through any credit card payments made on-line. These payments will be processed on-line as much as possible.

Yearbook purchases will not be refunded. The process of planning to complete a yearbook involves contracting services from a vendor and periodic financial deposits along the way. Our yearbooks are in production and will be delivered to the school when complete. We are working to develop a distribution plan in May or once we return to the school buildings.

Again, we appreciate your patience as we sort through the intricate details of such a massive refund process. If you have specific questions, please contact the school via the Contact Us email. https://www.fultonschools.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=116&ModuleInstanceID=23543&ViewID=6446EE88-D30C-497E-9316-3F8874B3E108&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=52184&PageID=219

Habit #7 Sharpen The Saw

In spite of the difficult times, this is a perfect time to practice this habit.

As a family, you can “sharpen the saw” together by creating and observing family traditions. When we work to build family traditions together, we show we are valuing the basic needs of individuals and our families. Renewing our family is where family bonding, identity, fulfillment, and happiness is found. Many of these renewal times come when we are giving time to the “Big Rocks” we learned in Habit 3; regular one on one-time, regular meals together, regular family times and family rituals and traditions. It may be helpful to ask your family members what some of their favorite family traditions are. Is there anything they would like to make a tradition? Is there a tradition they would like to discontinue?
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