December Newsletter

Reading skills

Happy Holidays!

It's hard to belive the Holiday season is here. Sending many warm wishes to you and your families. I've been so blessed with such wonderful students. They have grown by leaps and bounds this year and I can't wait to watch their development in the new year.

Merry Christmas!

Guided Reading Groups

Have you ever wondered what your child is doing during reading? In Mrs. Hyde's reading group, we are working on using the Jan Richardson Model to build independent readers. Your child is working on letters, sounds, books and writing. If your child is not with me for reading, their classroom teacher is doing this same model or something very similar.

The short video below will give you an idea what reading groups looks like.


Home Connection

In your child's folder, they will be bringing home an envelope with a cut up sentence. Please work with your child to build this sentence. Feel free to change the last word or add words to extend the sentence. Things to talk about include; letters, sounds, spaces, punctuation, how the words sounds and look. I will be sending home a new sentence frequently. Please practice a few times per week.

Look how much we know!

We are learning to assess our ability to learn strategies through beads. We know that we need to have the same color of beads as Mrs. Hyde to meet our goal. If we have the same color of beads then we are using our learning strategies! We love using these beads to show what we know. Love-Dakarie, Ava, Jonah and Parker
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