Analog VS. Digital

Ben Beyerle

Analog Examples

All of these include that they are continuous sounds and are either recorded or the actual original.

Digital Examples

All of these are made by using binary code to simulate the original.

Signal differences


Analog has continuous signals without any breaks in it which is why it sounds so clean and sounds like the original.

Analog signals are either a direct copy of the original or the original itself.

Analog has sine waves which are what the electromagnetic spectrum and they look like transverse waves. Sine waves have a constant amplitude.


Digital has discrete signals which means it does have breaks in it but it sounds complete because it reads it so fast but it does sound slightly different than the original.

Digital signals are numbers and symbols such as binary code used to simulate the original.

Digital has square waves which vary in amplitude and don't sound as clean as the original.

Technology differences

Analog and Digital technology

  • Analog tech is cheap. Digital is more expensive. An example of where analog is cheaper is in landlines. A digital phone is usually around 50 dollar while analog is around 20 dollars.
  • Analog tech degrades over time. Digital doesn't degrade. When listening to records every time you listen to it it gets a little bit less clean than before while listening to cd you can listen to it forever and it will remain the same quality.
  • Another difference is that digital TV to most people is better. This is because it is just numbers leaving less room for imperfections unlike the analog TV. Without imperfections the sound and visual quality is better.

Why is digital better?

  1. Digital is more compatible with current technology while analog is a bit outdated. Rarely anyone has an analog telephone, most have digital because it is easier to make, for it is just numbers used to simulate sound and visuals.
  2. Digital has few errors and is not as static as analog. When watching old movies you see the static on the film which are the imperfections but new videos don't have these because all they are is binary code..
  3. Digital doesn't degrade over time like analog does. When listening to an old record it sounds all little bit worse every time but a cd remains the same quality no matter how many times you listen to it.