SIG at YALE 2013

Second Week!

We are trying to catch up a bit with our "Happening at SIG" part of the newsletters so here's the past week! Enjoy!!

Happening at SIG: July 7


On Sunday, we enjoyed a late brunch and a sleep-in morning. Both were well-received.

Sunday Activity: Project Runway

Each counselor group got a set of materials that they used to create a costume for their counselor. The group needed to select a spokesperson to present their creation to the rest of the camp. Groups were amazingly creative!!

Sunday evening activity: Jibali African Acrobats

These performers were amazing!!!! They tumbled, danced and demonstrated feats of strength. Many students tried to keep up with them in a limbo contest, but they were clearly the most strong and flexible.

Happening at SIG: July 8

Happening at SIG: July 9

Happening at SIG: July 10

Happening at SIG: July 11

Minute to Win it!

The entire camp enjoyed a program called "Minute to Win It!" last Thursday. Each group had to participate in mini-challenges all timed to one minute. They had to see how many dice they could balance on a stick from their mouths and how many marshmallows they could catch with a lint brush. There were about 15 challenges in all and everyone enjoyed getting a bit silly to accomplish these hard tasks!

Happening at SIG: July 12