How to Plunge a Toilet Effectively

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In case you found out your toilet doesn't drain correctly and water fills it rapidly, you should turn your water valve off. Then you can start plunging the toilet in order to take away the thing which is blocking the passage of water.

Using a plunger seems to be difficult when the clog is hard to remove but you don't have to worry because there is a hidden technique behind the effective use of a plunger. This will get rid of the clog without consuming your time. All you have to do is preparing your plunger and then carefully execute the following steps:

  1. Switch off the water of the toilet tank by rotating the metal knob clockwise which is positioned on the wall at the bottom part of the toilet. In the event your toilet doesn't have a metal knob, you have to raise the cover of the water tank and close the flush valve which is called flapper.

  2. Run hot flowing water to the plunger head for around 3 minutes. This enables the rubber of the plunger to make it more flexible and can do better action to unclog the toilet.

  3. Place the plunger down into the toilet bowl and run its pliable head through the hole located below the bowl.

  4. Press by exerting effort straight downward so the plunger fastens itself above the opening of the toilet bowl.

  5. Push the plunger hard for few times, ensuring that the elastic part of the plunger remains strongly affixed to the toilet.

  6. Continue to pump the plunger until you feel the clog is loosen. Get the plunger out from the toilet bowl.

  7. Switch on the water afterwards. This is done by rotating the metal knob counterclockwise. If the knob is not present, you may change the cover of the toilet tank.

  8. Make sure to flush the toilet to remove the old water in the toilet bowl.

By following these steps you may effectively get rid of the clog and put the flow of water back to normal. It is so much frustrating to have a clogged toilet so seeking for an immediate solution like this is the best thing to do.

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