McCowan Middle School

Mission: Maximize Success

WEEK OF 1/22/2019

Principal's Message

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. – Greg S. Reid

Effective principals are strong educators, anchoring their work on central issues of learning and teaching and continuous school improvement. The key to continuous school improvement is the combination of three concepts constitutes the foundation for positive improvement results: meaningful teamwork; clear, measurable goals; and the regular collection and analysis of performance data. Principals must lead their school through the goal-setting process in which student achievement data is analyzed, improvement areas are identified and actions for change are initiated. This process involves working collaboratively with staff and school community to identify discrepancies between current and desired outcomes, to set and prioritize goals to help close the gap, to develop improvement and monitoring strategies aimed at accomplishing the goals, and to communicate goals and change efforts to the entire school community.



Student Conductor

Our school has partnered with Student Conductor in the implementation of a new, more effective tardy/dress code processing system. Here are the things that you need to know.

  • There are multiple tardy check-in kiosk stations located throughout the school.
  • When tardy or out of dress code, the student will use the nearest check-in kiosk station to get them back into class efficiently.
  • Every time a student is tardy or out of dress code, an email and/or text message is sent to a parent/guardian notifying them that the student was tardy. Any discipline assigned will also be notified to the parent/guardian.
  • If a discipline is being assigned for the student being tardy then the student must serve the discipline by the appointed time. Failure to do so may result in an escalation of discipline. This system allows your principals and parents to easily track what disciplines have been served thereby increasing accountability.
  • The process is simple when a student is tardy or out of dress code

1. Scan or type the Student ID into the nearest Check-In Student Conductor Station.

2. The student takes the tardy/ dress code receipt and reads the discipline that has been assigned for being tardy or out of dress code.

3. The student reports to class and shows the receipt to the teacher as the pass to class. Students must keep their receipt all day as their pass to classes.

Discipline Matrix.

1. Warning

2. Final Warning

3. Parent Phone Call

4. Thursday Night School

5. Parent Conference

6. ISS- In School Suspension

7. OSS- Out of School Suspension

Consequences of tardiness can be avoided by students showing up on time for class.

Student Handbook

Attendance Jean Day Incentive

In our effort to increase attendance at McCowan, we will be rewarding the grade level that achieves 97% attendance rate each week. The attendance week will run from Thursday to Thursday. Each Thursday, we will announce the grade level achieving 97% attendance rat and the WHOLE grade level will be allowed to wear jeans on the following Friday.

**NOTE: Jeans must be free of frays and rips.**

Thursday Night School

We will begin Thursday Night School starting January 17, 2019. In an effort to ensure our students are in class receiving academic instruction, Thursday Night School will be issued for discipline consequences before a student is issued ISS or OSS. Thursday Night School will be from 4pm - 6pm. Students will receive reinforcement on academic skills during detention. Administrators will have discretion to work with parents on selected days to attend TNS. Any student missing a TNS will receive a progression in consequences.

This Week At A Glance

01/22 -McCowan vs. Permenter (7th Grade Boys)

01/24 -McCowan vs. Permenter (8th Grade Girls)

7th & 8th Grade Girls (A) Teams District Tournament @ McCowan

Jan. 25th & 26th

02/01 -Magnet Application closes

02/04- 02/08 -District Benchmark Testing Week

02/14 -District Early Release/ Parent Teacher Meeting

02/15 -No School/ Teacher Professional Development

02/18 -School Holiday/ No School

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