Egg Drop Project


First had to come up with an idea to protect a egg from cracking when we dropped it off a really high building but instead of a building we had a firetruck come and drop it. The materials we had use use was part of a plastic bag, two rubber bands, Styrofoam, q-tips, paper, straws, tooth picks, two cups, cardboard, string, tape, cotton balls, and popsical sticks. Katie and I had this idea but it ended up not working so we had to change are idea. We thought doing something with a parachute so it doesn't fall so quickly. Next, put two cups on top of each other and then added cotton balls and Styrofoam inside the cups so there is padding to help the not crack open. Then we poked two holes in the cups and tied string to a plastic bag so it looked like a parachute. Lastly we had to name are egg, we named are egg Eggtron. To sum it up we ended up with a parachute contraption.

How are egg did when it was dropped and adjustments

Sadly, are egg did not survive. I think we should have used the paper to act as a parachute instead of the plastic bag. I also think we should have used a card board box because it would've protected the egg better the the paper cups. We also should have used all of are materials and made are contraption better. Next, I think that we could have made base so it could have had a easier landing. in conclusion are egg did not survive.