LDC Responsibilities

RSS Secondary Literacy Coaches

Don't worry, I'm taking care of...

*All SREB-LDC paperwork

*SEA system details

*Documentation calendar and spreadsheet

*Observing, giving feedback, and helping implement modules with teachers

Your role: complete the following with each LDC teacher 3 times throughout the year. THIS TRUMPS THE WALK-THROUGH 'OBSERVATION'.


What's the end goal?

LDC teachers should complete three modules by February. Here is the breakdown:

-1 module in Spring of 2015

-1 module in September (17th training date)

-1 module in November

Please let me know who needs help with these; that's what I'm here for!

After the September training...

  1. Complete one observation per teacher and send me the feedback (by November).
  2. Schedule your next observations
  3. Send me any concerns you may have
  4. Remember, between now and February, you should observe each LDC teacher 3 times.