WWII Leader

Adolf Hitler

Early life

Adolf was abused by his father and his mother was Jewish. Later on Hitler joined the German army at a young age. Soon later he tried to seize power of a military branch, but he failed and was put in jail.

His rise to power.

After Hitler was released from prison he gained popularity by attacking the Treaty of Versailles, promoting Pan-Germanism, Anti Semitism, and anti communism with authority and Nazi Propaganda. Once he gained power he began to build his army. He wanted to create the perfect race and wanted to eliminate the inferior. This led to the holocaust. Hitler killed millions and millions of Jews just because he didn't like them. Along the way he got allies just as Japan to help strengthen his reign. Hitler was the leading cause of WWII.
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His influence

Hitler gained many followers by being a powerful speaker, making people want to follow him, and by doing what no one had done before. His speeches made people want to join his army and fight for him. As well Hitler did very radical and attacked large powers to try and prove his worth. His speeches were loud and expressed his own ideas and made his followers feel powerful. Even though I jdon't agree with his ideas I feel that he was a powerful and influential leader.