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World News

Leading the Network News Pack

The number one six o'clock news program is currently on ABC economic news with Charlie Gibson. And I believe Charlie Gibson will be added to these names. He provides the most humanly connected program that's feasible on TELEVISION. You feel as though he is one of the viewers, with the fortune of really being there among the newsmakers. At first it was "Charles," but he was just too down-to-earth to not be "Charlie."

His start on GOOD MORNING AMERICA-IN 1987 brought a relaxed atmosphere that came with him to the news. This has never diminished the seriousness of the broadcast. Charlie Gibson travels the country and the world to give us the best view of occasions. In fact, I have often wondered when he sleeps considering the many hours he is on-the air. His stamina is astonishing!

After the Republican argument and before the one, all the challengers were on the stage together. His hope appeared to let the viewers see these are only individuals that happen to get in-the national spotlight.

People that are a part of the broadcast seem quite comfortable with Charlie. I've watched interviews where he did make the person squirm with tough questions, but merely because he or she deserved to. There's only one thing I wish he would change. That is so terribly corny, even for a Charlie.