This week in Ms. Strain's class


MCLASS Assessments and MAP Testing

3rd grade has been receiving MCLASS assessments for middle of the year (MOY) to measure reading levels for each child. This will show his or her progression from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year, which is now. We will wrap these up tomorrow, if Mrs. Peeples has not already done so today. She has been assessing our class. I will share your child's results once I receive them.

MAP Testing: We will be MAP testing tomorrow (2/2 and Wednesday 2/3). MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress, this test measures growth and shows how students are progressing through the year. We will be taking the tests in our room on our classroom's chrome books.


Homework will consist of our 30 minutes a night Reading Log that your students were given last week. They should fill out this log each night, documenting what they read, the time they began and ended, and the date. Please help guide your children to read and choose books that follow the I-PICK format that is on last week's newsletter.

Your children will also be coming home at the beginning of the week with a math homework packet. They will have the entirety of the week to get this done, making it DUE on Friday.

Some weeks may be different, and we may have additional homework that comes home.

The reading logs and math packets will be graded and used for their homework grade.

Some other important information for you!

Report cards were sent home today with your child, they will receive their A-B Honor Roll certificates tomorrow!

Rehearsal forms were sent home today as well from Mrs. Baldwin, please get those back ASAP.

* I will be attending a Math Foundations training on Thursday, 2/4 along with the other third grade teachers, therefore, we will have a substitute teacher in that day.

Respect in Our Classroom

I have noticed a majority of our class being disrespectful toward myself, each other and other adults. Being respectful is something we have talked about and made it one of our classroom rules. If you could please help me reinforce respect, what it looks like and what it doesn't look like, I would greatly appreciate it. It has come to my attention that a lot of us need to work on this topic.

Take Home Folders

If you would each please check with your child and make sure they have a take home folder. It seems as if everyone does, but if your child doesn't, we have plenty in the room! They should have one, I have mentioned several times to find me for one if they don't. This folder lives in their backpacks. Papers that need to go home travel from school to home and back everyday. I am trying to get everyone to get in the habit of checking their mailboxes and putting papers that are in there into the take home folder. Please help your children remember this protocol! Routines take time!