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Parent Newsletter Week of 4/26/21

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Hello Spring Creek Families,

Parent Forum April 27th: Hosted by EPOCH Education: Communities using compassionate dialog to create inclusive communities.

On Tuesday, April 27th at 6pm, the Rincon Valley School district will be hosting a Parent Forum to discuss How to Create a Community of Belonging. The focus of this conversation will be using compassionate dialogue to create inclusive communities.

Rincon Valley is a very diverse district that proudly represents several different family cultures and home languages. Spring Creek is very proud of our diverse school community.

Providing opportunities for all members of our school and district to have a voice and to share their unique life experiences is the start of creating that inclusive community. This conversation is the first step to making sure all voices are heard and all cultures are welcomed on every campus. See flyers and English and Spanish below. This is an opportunity for us to hear your voices.

Here is the link to order your Spring Creek Yearbook. Cost is $20.00

Learning Schedule Week of 4/26/21

Monday 4/26: Zoom as usual then Hybrid In-Person Monday cohort 12:40-2:25

Check out our Virtual Enrichment Days: Wacky Science and more! Flyer attached below with links.

Tuesday 4/27: Short Zoom in the AM then asynchronous work as assigned

Wed. 4/28:Short Zoom in the AM then asynchronous work as assigned

Thurs. 4/29: Short Zoom in the AM then asynchronous work as assigned

Fri. 4/30:Zoom as usual then Hybrid In-Person Friday cohort 12:40-2:25

*NOTE: Ms.Klein and Ms. Standish have different schedules.

Home Health Check

Parents and Guardians,

Before sending your child/children to school complete the Daily Home Health Check. School arrival staff are assuming that this has been completed for all students who show up for in-person learning. There is no on-line form, just review the protocol as part of your before school routine!

Daily Home Health Check:

  1. Does the child have a fever of 100* or higher? (stay home!)
  2. Has the child or anyone in the household been recently diagnosed or is still recovering from COVID? (stay home!)
  3. Has the child or anyone in the household recently demonstrated COVID symptoms? (stay home!)
  4. Has the child or anyone in the household recently been directly exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID? (stay home!)
  5. If you answered these 4 questions "no!", send your child/children to school!

Please read the Parent Handbook, pages 2-3, for more detailed information!

Distant Learning Schedule:

Zoom in the morning as usual. Then in the afternoon zoom with Ms. Lister (Science) and

Dr. Haupt (Music)

Mondays and Tuesdays:

TK/K: Oceans at 12:45-1:30 2nd/3rd Grade: Space at 2:30-3:15

1st Grade: Oceans at 1:45-2:30




  • Five days a week, 4 hours a day, 8:15 to 12:15

  • Drive through the playground/blacktop for drop-off and pick up

  • We will stagger drop off and pick up times to alleviate congestion

    • A-G 8:00 drop off, 12:15 pick up

    • H-O 8:05 drop off, 12:20 pick up start at 8:15.

    • P-Z 8:10 drop off, 12:25 pick up

  • Snack and recess included

  • Snack provided by district or sent in with student from home

  • All required instructional minutes are met in these 4 hours; additional independent learning activities including enrichment are optional in the afternoon

  • No Zoom required at home (unless class needs to be quarantined or student meeting with a specialist)

  • Chrome books will remain at home unless teachers request they are brought to and from school (1st-3rd grade students will bring chrome books to school each day)

  • To create staff preparation time, Tuesday-Thursday, April 27, 28, 29 will include a short live Zoom interaction with teacher/class then independent work will be assigned; M and F will have the regular scheduled zooms as well as in person hybrid times

  • All health/safety protocols will continue (Temperature checks will be taken at home) Teachers will take temperature before entering the classroom.


We hope that all students will return to in-person instruction this school year unless they have an extenuating circumstance where they need to remain at home in distance learning. If you are unsure, please contact your school office to discuss what this might mean for your family.

Students needing to remain in distance learning for the remainder of the school year will….

  • Receive an independent unit of study for the remainder of the school year. This unit of study will consist of academic work created by RVUSD credentialed teachers that is intended to be completed independently as much as possible, although there may be some lessons that need to be supported by parents.

  • Have a live interaction with the current classroom teacher for 30-60 minutes three days a week. This will be scheduled by the classroom teacher and communicated to the students. Ms. Lister and Dr. Haupt will continue their music and science zooms in the afternoons.

  • Continue to have access to enrichment activities on Wednesdays that are updated each week through May 19th.

  • Continue to have scheduled activities two days a week with a credentialed teacher other than their classroom teacher which began the week of April 5th.

RVEF April Newsletter

English -

Spanish -

New Lunch Schedule Times see Good Food News linked below.

Summer is Coming! Save the Date See flyer below

Have you ordered your school photos? Click the link to order your school photos. Picture make up day are coming up this month. See flyer below.

Having Technical Difficulties?

Call our IT Hotline at 707 542-7375 EXT:1005 between 8:00 and 10:00 for support or email

Please take a look at the attachments at the bottom of the newsletter for information and resources.

Cheetah Strong,

Shawne Kearney


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