Hermann Goering


first paragraph

In January 12, 1893 Hermann Goring was born in Marienbad,German state of Bavaria.

He attends military academy. He also severed in the German air force as a fighter pilot in 1915-1918. Then he becomes commander-in-chief in the Germann air force in march 1935. He becomes president of the reichstag.

second paragraph

Hermann Goring was Hitler's Second-in-command in the Holocaust. In 1931 his wife dies.

Hitler was head leader of the Sturmabteilung or strom troopers. And then they captured the leaders of the Bavarian goverment. He also became the public speaker for the germans for rants.


Hermann goring was co-leader of the camps. and a good leader. but then after the war he was shot instead of getting hanged. And then all the prisoners where free and got to go home. then no one had to be bossed around anymore.

saeed alharbi

English 8-3

Mrs. Birkheimer

February 13,2015