White Tail Deer


White Tail Deer range from southern Canada to Panama. White Tail Deer usually like to be on the edges and openings of forests, brushy fields and wooded farmlands.
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The main predators of the white tail deer are mountain lions, wolves and coyotes. But in some areas the chief predators are bears bobcats and alligators. When faced with a predator the white tail deer's only defense is to run away.

Size and Weight

The average male white tail deer weights 130lbs to 290lbs. The average female deer weights 80lbs to 198lbs. There has been mature bucks over 400 pounds recorded in Minnesota and Ontario. White tail deer usually range from 53 - 130 cm in height to the shoulder.


White tail deer are very agile and can bound up to 30 mph. White tail deer are also good swimmers and can swim up streams and in lakes to get away from predators or go to islands.
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Social Interactions

White tail deer usually live in male dominated groups. Females and fawns graze together in herds up to hundreds. A buck will often have a mating group of 6-20 does. after mating season, the buck leaves them and finds a new group or goes off on his own.


The White Tail Deer is a herbivore who browses for and eats the most nutritious plants available.

Classification Order

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Class- Mammalia

Order- Artiodactyla

Family- Cerdiave

Genus- Odocoileus

Species- Odocoileus Virginianus

Evolutionary Relationships

The White Tail Deer is most closely related to moose, elk, caribou and reindeer.
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Interesting Facts

White tail deer are the most shy and nervous deer. They are the most popular large game animal in the US. Male deer grow antlers that are shed each year.