Westlake Inclusion Day

w/ Dan Habib - Award Winning Filmmaker

Yep, you were NOMINATED!

Please join us for a riveting lunch and discussion with an award winning filmmaker - Dan Habib! He'll guide us through projects he's working on and how we can continue creating a culture of inclusion and compassion at Westlake High School.

*Pizza will be provided!!!

Westlake Inclusion Day - Peer Lunch

Monday, April 7th, 12:45-2pm

WHS Chap Room - 4th or 5th Lunch

We ask that you view the short movie trailers below in order to understand the context of Dan Habib's work within the school setting.

Please email Mr. Zemo with the lunch period you will be attending, see you then!
Who Cares About Kelsey short trailer
Including Samuel Preview