Technology in the Classroom

Ms. Kathryn Gamble

Technology Tools

In my classroom, technology and learning go hand in hand. There are many tools out there that can help supplement or compliment instruction in the classroom but this year our main focus is going to be on the three tools found below. In our seventh grade english classroom it is important to get students working with a variety of technological tools because they will help the children grow as students in the technological age. By getting students working with these tools now they will be ready for high school and their post secondary adventures well prepared to use technology to their benefit. Not to mention, educational technology is a much more fun alternative to pencils and paper!
As you can see, seventh grade combats its standards with a large variety of fun and interactive educational technology. Using these technologies students can learn while being creative in the process. The collaborative nature of these tools allows students to grow team working skills and an appreciation for everyone's unique ideas.