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The good thing about our business is that if you happen to not like a certain area of work, you can always go to a different area in our company, but the yearly salary varies. As an electrician, you have the option on where you would like to work. For example, if you enjoy repairing small electronics such as phones or computers, then we will put in our company as a device repairing electrician. Another example would be if you like wiring buildings, and fixing electrical circuits, then we would put you in a group, as a major electrician. Major does not mean it is a higher position, it just means that the things that you are fixing require a lot more people, and it is little more difficult to repair. But being an electrician is not the only job available. You can also work as carpenter with Joshua, the head of the carpenter area of the business. You can also work with Zaid, the head of the plumber area of our business. Contact them for more details. You can also work with Imaad, the head of the electrician are of the business. As you can see, The Three Fixateers have a lot of job opportunities. We can use all the help we can get, as long as you have reached the requirements for that particular job.

The Electrician

What do we do?

There are three areas of work in the company. They are plumber, carpenter and electrician. To be an electrician, you must be knowledgeable on computers, wiring, and many other skills. There are also some educational requirements as an electrician. You must have a four to five year electrical apprenticeship, and many other requirements. Also, electricians are responsible for installing electrical systems wherever they are needed. They can also be generally responsible for wiring buildings for electricity. Look online to see what requirements you need to become an electrician,

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If you are interested in becoming a plumber, carpenter, or electrician, please contact us. We are looking for as much help as we can get.