Black Coral Burlesque

Saturday January 19th

Come one, Come all...

Kauai First ever burlesque experience!!! This will hopefully be a weekly class for all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and perspectives. For those of you who do not know what burlesque is, let me fill you in. This is the short version, feel free to do your own background check :) Burlesque blew up in this country during the great depression. The people were in need of a good laugh and some sexy glitzy entertainment. That's the role burlesque filled. This is a very empowering art form that is laced with humor, sex appeal, glitter, glitz, femininity and yes strip tease, with the Emphasis on the TEASE! It is fun, corky, entertaining, self empowering and a great way to get your body moving! So onto the details! This class will start with a nice warm up ballet style, then we will dive into the basic moves and poses of burlesque after that we will learn the first, and possibly second, 8 count of a group chair dance and then... character building! Please bring water and a small snack for yourself, oh and of course I cant forget fish nets, thigh highs, bras on top of shirts, sexy attire of all kinds is welcomed and encouraged to start getting you comfortable in your sexiness. ps if you don't want to, you don't have to's fun! :) please invite your lady friends, just have them RSVP so I know what kind of numbers we are looking at :) This class is FREE!!! (there will be a donation can to help pay for the space rented but it is not mandatory to donate)
*18 & up

Call Isa for any questions (808)635-0733


Black Coral Burlesque

Saturday, Jan. 19th 2013 at 5-8pm

4-941a Kuhio Hwy


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