Information about survey

Survey sent to students without approval or permission

We’ve received some questions from students and parents about a five-question survey sent to KHS students by a KHS student.

To dispel rumors, here’s information about what happened and what steps we plan to take to prevent this in the future.

Last week, a five-question survey written by a student for a dual-credit sociology class was sent to our students using our internal email mass distribution groups.

The survey was not approved by the teacher or the administration.

Questions in the survey were:

What’s your gender? Female, Male, Prefer not to say, Other
How politically informed do you consider yourself to be? (Scale 1 to 7) Not informed at all to very well informed
What US political party most aligns with your political views? Republican, Democrat, Other
Where would you place yourself on the political spectrum (Scale 1 to 7) Liberal, Conservative
How likely would you be to vote for a candidate of the opposing political party if you felt they were a better option than your own party’s candidate?

Many students asked about the survey.

We appreciate the student’s enthusiasm for their course and reviewed with them our rules around mass distribution groups.

I also want to let you know that we will be eliminating student access to mass distribution email groups, which should eliminate this problem in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Dave Beymer

Kuna High School

Lead Building Administrator