Scientific Questionnaire

By Aaryan Kothapalli


Does the amount of sleep affect the amount of time one takes to complete their homework?


If an individual sleeps more than or equal to 6 hours, then the amount of time this individual takes to complete his/her's homework will be lesser than the individual who sleeps less than 6 hours.

Types of Investigation

This experiment was comparative investigation.

Parts of the Experiment

Independent Variable: Amount of sleep

Dependent Variable: Amount of time to complete the homework

Data Table

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Bar Graphs

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According to the results achieved by investigating students of Coppell High, it is proven that amount of sleep one gets does affect the time one takes to complete his/her's homework. The subjects for this investigation were students who either slept for less than 6 hours or slept more than 6 hours. Since the result of T-Test was less than 0.05 (0.0001), it is statistically significant. But even though the results were statistically significant, the results were opposite to the presented hypothesis. The longer one slept, the longer one took to complete his/her's homework. It is unclear to the reason why this result was achieved since there are multiple environmental factors that could've played as a confounding variable.


The hypothesis that if one sleeps longer, then the individual would take lesser time to complete their homework was disproved by the collected data.

Sources of Inaccuracies/Errors

The error in hypothesis could've been contributed by many variables. Such variables could include limiting the research to just a small sample of students in Coppell High School to represent the entire population of teenagers, or outliers that might bias their results to socially benefit themselves of their stature or more of such. The outcome might've been different if a bigger sample was chosen which also included students from different age groups and from different schools and different countries.


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