Whale Rider

by Connor and Roman

The Maori Wars

took place between 1845 and 1872

was fought against british

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maori culture

is very strong still today

believes in myths and legends

believes in a supernatural link between humans and animals

has chants and songs for different occasions

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maori myths and legends

believes in ancestors as gods

believes there tribe was started by a man riding a whale throwing sticks

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maori language

is the Polynesian language

since 1987 has been new Zealand official language

but old bout 9 percent are fluent in it

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cultures in generall

culture in general and tradition is somthng people should hold on to and let go at the same time. Getting stuck in the past isn't a good thing but getting to caught up in the future isn't either. Everyone really needs to find the equall median of the past and the present and mix it together so it is in harmony.

me and connors culture

we will rise and even if we fall well be there for echother to help us back onto our feet.

A Country Boy Can Survive