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Fall Newsletter

Welcome Back

Dear Les Bois Parents,

As the school year enters the Fall, we want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your students. The first weeks of school have been terrific and it has been great to see our tremendous faculty and staff working with the kids.

We appreciate your efforts to get your students to school on time, prepared to learn, and encouraging them to participate in the many activities and programs at our school. Supporting your children in their academic and extra-curricular activities has a great influence on their overall school experience.

Our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is very busy supporting our students and staff at Les Bois. Your help is always needed. Please look for opportunities to volunteer and assist our students through the PTO. They have been very generous in their overall support of our school.

We have had a great start to the school year. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or anyone at the school. I am committed to making sure all of our students have a good experience this year. I live in this community and want our schools to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students. This is a great school and I am proud to be part of staff here at Les Bois.

We look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at school events throughout the year. Please say hello and introduce yourself. Thank you for making Les Bois an excellent place for kids.

Rich Clements


Les Bois Junior High School


Jessica Cromie

Assistant Principal

Les Bois Junior High School

Important Dates

No School K-12 October 5th & 6th (State In-Service Days)

Picture Make-up Day

Wednesday, Oct. 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, Oct. 30th & Wednesday, Nov. 1st

4-7 pm in the gym

No School K-12 Friday, Nov. 3rd

Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 20th - Friday, Nov. 24th

New Faces at Les Bois

Les Bois welcomes new Staff

Jessica Cromie, our new Assistant Principal, comes to us from Horizon and Grace Jordan Elementary where she was the Assistant Principal.

Ian Smart joins us in the mornings for 9th grade P.E. Ian is also the Head Football Coach at Timberline.

Christopher Skinner is new to the Boise School District and will be teaching Video Broadcasting and Computer Apps.

Chesney Davey is also new to the Boise School District and will be teaching English and Social Studies.

Dustin Golden is not new to Les Bois but will now be the new In-House Teacher. He will be phenomenal!

Leon Dickson had joined us from Hillside Jr. High to teach History and Creative Writing.

Todd King joins us for a few classes a day as our new Theater teacher. He also teaches at Timberline.

They are all great additions to the Les Bois staff and will be Blazer Strong in no time.

Counselor's Corner

Are you interested in how grading works? Here is an event you may be interested in:

Grading in Schools Today

with Internationally-Known Educator, Author and Speaker Tom Schimmer

When: Thursday, September 28

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: South Jr. High School

Auditorium 3101 Cassia Street Boise, Id 83705

You will Learn:

> Why teaching has changed since you were in school

> How today’s grading practices hold students accountable

> What is the purpose of homework

> How a grade builds confidence

> What a grade should tell you about your student

> How you and your children can be more involved in the learning process

You’ll Learn Sponsored by

AVID & Honor Society

Come support your AVID and Honor Society

On Saturday, September 16th, the AVID and Honor Society groups will be holding a car wash at the Stinker Station on Federal Way (in the Albertsons complex) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Tickets can be pre-purchased from any AVID or Honor Society student, or from Angela Heindel at (suggested donation $5) or donations can be made at the car wash event.

We also are looking for donations of any old towels people might no longer need for drying the cars. Come get that car sparkling clean and help some great kids.

Snowriders Club

Students who ski or snowboard and are interested in being part of a club should join the Les Bois Snowriders.

Starting sometime in January, Bogus Basin begins holding Dotty Clark races every Saturday for 6 consecutive Saturdays. The races are individual not as a group. They have races for Slalom Ski -Novice, Intermediate, and Expert, Slalom Snowboard- Novice, Intermediate, and Expert, Freestyle Intermediate- ski and snowboard, Freestyle Expert- ski and snowboard, and Nordic -1K, 2K, and 3K.

Students who sign up for Snowriders can compete in races and earn points for themselves and Les Bois. If they go to 3 of the 6 races, then they qualify for the Dotty Clark championship which is held during the school day. It is a fun way to meet more people who ski or snowboard and to set personal goals for skiing and snowboarding. Applications will be available at the beginning of October. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Hart in room 120.

PTO News

The Les Boise PTO is excited to be supporting our amazing students and staff during

this 2017-18 school year!

We are a Box Tops School! Start clipping those Box Tops and we will have more information regarding a drive in your students home room class.

We are in great need of volunteers to work the concessions during after school sports and activities. Sign up through this link:

Brand new Spirit Wear is here and available for purchase at the Outpost on Friday.

PTO is currently looking for a parent to be our Copy Room Coordinator. If you are interested, please contact Tom Starr at

President - Tom Starr lbptoinfo@gmail

Vice President - Valerie Robenstein

Secretary - Mandy McDaniel

Treasurer - Barb Coleman

Outpost Coordinator - Jennifer Buatte

Volunteer Coordinator - Tom Starr

Dance Coordinator - Veronica Shipley

Box Tops Coordinator - Amber Chalas

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator - Rachel Sutherland

Tee Shirt Coordinators - Misty Mendiola

Box Tops

Our school is participating in the Box Tops for Education program!

Just look for pink Box Tops on products, clip them, and send them to the front office. Each regular Box Top clipping is worth 10 cents, and they quickly add up when everyone turns them in.

If you have any questions, contact Amber Chalas at

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Spring Break 2018

Hello Blazer families,

During spring break of 2018, Lori Ewing and Angela Heindel will be leading a trip to New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia and we need to find out who might be interested in getting more information as it becomes available.

Adult family members are invited to join us as well as siblings as long as they are at least 12 years old at the time of the trip. We will be traveling with School Tours of America, a well-established and highly respected student travel company. $99 will get you registered and will be applied to the trip cost. There are discounts for early payment and School Tours of America has tools available to help you raise money for your trip.

If you have any interest in the trip and would like to get information as it becomes available, please email us at lori.ewing@boiseschools or


Lori Ewing and Angela Heindel

Les Bois Junior High



Counseling office-


Assistant Principal-

Main Office: (208) 854-5340

Fax: (208) 854-5341
Attendance: (208) 854-5344