Sudan Water Crisis

By: Callie, Trevor, Jackson

Population: 38,764,090

River Basin: Nile River

Water Stress: economic, social, or environmental problems caused by un met water needs 3 Diseases associated with water

- Diarrhea

-Hepatitis E

- Guniea Worm DIsease

How do diseases such as the ones above explain a lack of surface water use in Sudan? because the water has diseases so its not drinkable.

How does the domestic (home/personal) use of water in Sudan compare to domestic use in the United States? Only 2 percent of water is used for domestic use and the United States have 13 percent available for domestic use.

Why is it difficult for Sudanese people to make use of their ground water? Because its shared with the surrounding countries

How does Sudan use the majority (97%) of its water resources? For farms (agriculture)

Why is there a water crisis in Sudan?

-Sharing Water (Water Stress)

- Waterborne diseases

- Agriculture using iut all

How to solve Sudan's water crisis

- reduce population

-stop sharing the ground water with the surrounding countries