Canada Vs Canada 2040 and India

Natural Increase! (Canada 2015 Vs India 2015)

Now to figure which country is "better" we have to figure how many people it's going to have by the end of this year! (Birth and deaths) It is expected that 357 274 children will be born and about 277 339 people will die. (357 274 – 277 339= 79 935) natural increase of 2.22%. Canada will increase by 79 935 people in 2015. For India 25 933 321 children will be born and about 9 250 417 people will die. (25 933 321- 9 250 417=16 682 904) For a natural increase of 13%! India will increase by 16 682 904 people in 2015.

Net Migration

While India may have the upper hand population wise it's struggling with net migration! Canada has gained roughly 196 362 people overall from immigration and emigration thus making it the net migration. Unlike Canada a lot of people leave India, making its net migration negative! Net migration of India will be approximately -148 402 people

Population growth + Growth rate

Now the biggest factor to see which one is better demographically is the population growth and the growth rate! Let's see which country is better in this department! Population growth of a country is calculated by taking its natural increase and adding it to the net migration, net migration plus natural increase of Canada (196 362+79 935= 276 297) the population is growing by 276 297 people this year. Canada's growth rate is currently 1.12%. For India the Population will grow (16 682 904 + (-148 402) ) by 16 534 502 people. India's growth rate is currently 1.92%

Median Age

But a country may have lots of people and lots of people coming/leaving but that doesn't mean those people are better for the demography of the country! Let's compare the median age for both country's! Currently the median age of all of Canada is 41 (rounded) years while the median age of a person in India is 27 years of age! That's an enormous difference!

Push & Pull factors?

You must be wondering though! Why do so many people come to Canada? That's because of its push and pull factors! But what push and pull factors does Canada have? Wellllll... some pull factors of Canada are: High standard of living (we're quite lavish with how we treat our citizens! Not to brag or anything *smirk*), High standard of education, Job opportunities, Free health care (paid for by the government), Multicultural, No language/religious barrier, Free education (up to high school), and Welfare
What about things that push people to other countries? Well in Canada The weather! Some people just aren't comfortable or just don't want to deal with the weather over here! The Nature, Canada is full of nature but some people just prefer being inside and some people are allergic to pollen! Lastly there's too much blank space! Canada has a very very low population density and some people just don't like that! They like the hustle and bustle of America where it's full of people and things everywhere! Looking at the prairies who can really blame them?

HOLD IT! What about India and their Push/Pull Factors?

They must have some too right? Well of course! Just look at India, it massive! Here are some of the pull factors of India: Higher employment! It's easy to get a job in know if you're not dirt poor!, More wealth! India is super wealthy and since you're going to live there obviously you'll experience some of that wealth! Better services, India's got lots of services people in Canada wish they had! Especially to those who're really religious! Good climate, it's pretty hot but it's not unbearable! Safer, less crime means better life for you and your family! Political stability, their government system is very stable, More fertile land, you know, if you want to farm! Lower risk from natural hazards, like when was the last time you've heard of a tornado that devastated India? People living in India have a very low chance of being affect by natural hazards. HOLD IT! What about the push factors? Well India has a tiny bit of those.. such as: Pollution, from people pollution to smoke pollution India's got it all! Poverty, there's rampant poverty in India! Crime in SOME (so it's not a direct contradiction) areas of India is quite common and that scares a lot of people away, Lastly illness/disease, in India many people suffer from many illnesses/diseases that're infectious and that is a major concern for a large number of people.


Didn't this smore say Canada 2040 too?!

Well in this soundcloud I explain some things about Canada in 2040, but if you still require more there's also a large population pyramid about Canada in 2040 in this link


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