The Burnham School

November 2022

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We've had so many wonderful activiites happening at Burnham School this past month, so be prepared for lots of pictures in this newsletter!

We started the month with Planktober! During PE class students practiced and prepared for the planking challenge. Mr. Morgan quickly realized we have a lot of students with incredible core strength - some holding a plank for over 20 minutes! To celebrate all their hard work in PE class, our students were involved in a school-wide planking event. Each class had one champion student who planked for 10 minutes, while their peers cheered them on. The rest of the students took part planking on the sidelines, while a few staff members did a 1-minute plank challenge to promote the importance of fitness. The students were so excited to support their peers that you could hear their cheering throughout the building.

We recognized Unity Day on October 19th. Unity day is held during National Bullying Prevention Month in October. Many students wore orange as a visual representation of their support for promoting kindness, acceptance and inclusion of others. Many students took part in making kindness chains, and reading books that share a message of acceptance and inclusion. Also, many students had discussions with their peers about ways they can be upstanders and kind within our school and community.
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We also had The Center for Empowerment and Education visit our schools and presented a wide range of age-specific empowerment programs that were engaging and fun for our students. These presentations were informative and interactive, and provided our students with facts and strategies to support positive relationships.
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The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department also made a visit to Burnham School. The students loved being able to learn and talk about fire safety. The students were ecstatic to be able to go out and see the firetruck and explore all the tools firefighters use to help people. So, a big THANK YOU to our local volunteers for taking the time out of their day to teach us about fire safety!
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We wrapped up October with Halloween activities. Our K-1-2 students had their annual Halloween parade down Main Street followed by some fun games in our gymnasium, while our 3-4-5 students enjoyed activities like decorating pumpkins and playing Halloween Bingo. Thank you to our community members and parents for being part of the planning, and volunteering your time and support to make the Halloween events successful.

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3-4-5 Classroom News

Students are continuing to build new friendships as the 3-4-5 classroom is in full swing! Students are learning from each other and participating in accountable talk.

Maximizing the benefits of classroom talk goes beyond just organizing for speaking opportunities: the quality of the talk is important. Accountable talk refers to the type of contribution that moves learning forward.

A focus on accountability to the learning community ensures that participants make efforts to help others in the group understand. Helping others to understand involves paraphrasing, re-phrasing, using examples, active listening and building upon the contributions of others.

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The 3-4-5 class also took a field trip on Ketchum Trail. We honed our observation skills by making entries in our seasonal tree journals. Thank you, Mrs. Stuart, for taking the time to give us the guided hike!

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Student Council News

Our Burnham Student Council is excited to announce we exceeded our goal of collecting a minimum of 50 pajamas for the Scholastic Pajama Drive!

Every night in America, too many children do not get the sleep they need, compromising their health, school performance, and emotional well-being. Sleep is as essential as proper nutrition and exercise for helping children learn and grow. A comforting bedtime routine helps children get the healthy sleep they need. Pajama Program promotes and supports a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep by providing new pajamas, storybooks, and sleep health education to children facing adversity. After all, good nights lead to good days.

For every pair of pajamas donated, Scholastic Book Clubs will donate a brand-new book to Pajama Program to give to a child facing adversity, up to 100,000 books. All books are donated directly to Pajama Program and distributed by them according to the needs of community partners. Our students are so excited that we were able to help support such a wonderful cause!

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Art News

After two long years away, we are back in the ART ROOM! Yes, it’s a big transition, but a very positive one. Projects that couldn’t be done in the regular classroom are being planned for this year in ceramic clay, painting, and sculpture. We’re all getting used to the routines and the materials management - just ask your student what the Getter does. It’s a big responsibility and everyone has a turn at it! And, to help get our brains to think about creating, art class always starts with a 5-minute drawing warm-up in our sketchbooks. After the warm-up, the lesson begins. Our first project was the Miniature Masterpiece. Students had to choose their subject matter: still life, portrait, landscape, or non-objective, and then had a choice of drawing media: crayon, colored pencil, or marker. There was such variety with this project! As everyone becomes familiar with the art room environment and the behavior expectations necessary to make creating art enjoyable, you should expect to see amazing work this year!
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One of the many privileges that we enjoy at Burnham School is working closely with the town library. Close collaboration with the Burnham Library staff has allowed us to make available to our Burnham readers all of the rich resources that the town library has to offer. As students begin research projects and book studies, the Burnham Library will be an excellent source for them to utilize. In order to celebrate students’ love of reading all year long, we are also collaborating with the Burnham Library to offer incentives for reading and expanding their horizons into different genres. In years past, a whole-class visit to the Burnham Library has always been the highlight of the month, and this year promises to be no exception. Students have begun their monthly town library visits, and they have already expressed delight at the vast selection of fiction and nonfiction books that are available to them. We are thrilled to work so closely with the town to give students a taste of what their local library has to offer.

This school year promises to be an exciting one for our Burnham readers! With all of the fiction and nonfiction titles that are new to our library, as well as the older, beloved titles, our students will have no shortage of books to choose from. This year, as in previous years, we will be celebrating a love of reading with various incentives and activities throughout the year. We look forward to sharing in your child’s discovery of incredible things to read this year.

Note From Our Nurse

With flu season just around the corner I wanted to send out a reminder about our protocols for general illness. We are really trying to get back to a pre-Covid existence, while still keeping some protocols in place, like frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces. We ask that you keep your child home when they are sick, this will help your child get better and reduce the chance of illness spreading around the school.

Unfortunately all children have been wearing masks and have been distanced from their peers for two years now, which means they have not been exposed to as many germs and have not built up as strong an immune response. Inevitably children will get sick. I ask for your cooperation in keeping our schools as healthy as possible and to decrease any respiratory or highly contagious illness from spreading, by following the school’s protocols on illnesses: If there is a fever, diarrhea or vomiting your child may not return until they are free of those symptoms for 24 hours without medication.

If there is an illness that is highly contagious spreading within a building, I will let parents know, so that they can talk to their children and use whatever healthy practices they feel are needed within their households (ex: extra handwashing, mask wearing, etc).

Dates to Remember

11/3 PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m.

11/7 Parent/Teacher Conferences, Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.

11/8 Professional Development Day – No School for Students

11/9 Parent/Teacher Conferences, Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.

11/10 Parent/Teacher Conferences, Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.

11/11 Veterans Day – No School

11/16 Parent Visitation Day - More information coming soon!

11/21 Harvest Gathering

11/23-11/25 Thanksgiving Recess

12/8 PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m.

12/7 Early Dismissal for Students, 12:45 p.m.

12/9 Report Cards Distributed