Hurricane Awareness

Awareness of how to prevent a similar outcome in the future

Basic Information

  • Hurricane Katrina was a strong category 4.
  • Wind speeds got up to 125 mph and about 80% of New Orleans was flooded around 20 ft deep.
  • About $81-$100 billion in damages.
  • $81-$100 billion in damage.
  • Affected around 90,000 square miles of the United States.
  • Lots of job were lost, about 400,000 jobs.

Do You Know What You Would Do?

  • A hurricane can come fast. When hurricane Katrina hit on August 23, 2005 it destroyed everything such as our homes, cars, near by stores and killed around 2,000 people.
  • The hurricane hit where I was living but it affected a lot of places near us that it didn't hit. It affected around 90,000 square miles of the United States, and only hit small parts of 4 states.
  • Do you have a plan that you know where to meet, or what if the shelters are gone? It helped me and my family out quite a bit because we new where we were going to meet.
  • We thought the weather people were going to be wrong like have have been but once it started we could find everyone and get to where we needed to go.
  • I expected my insurance and the government to help us out but it doesn't work like that. I had to call my relatives for help and I had to try keeping the things I had because when people lose everything they start stealing everything they can! people had to put up signs saying "you loot I shoot" Because their was so much theft going on.
  • We were very thankful that people from other states came to help, but it only lasts so long and people forget about it and you still struggle.
  • If you have levees you want to make sure they are high enough and wide enough because thats was made the flooding in New Orleans so bad.