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10/12/15 - 10/15/15

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Google calendar!

We have talked about Google Calendar before, but mostly in passing. I have had several questions about Google Calendar over the last few days, so I prepared a few YouTube videos which will, hopefully, be beneficial for all users! I describe the different features of the calendar, including how to manage multiple calendars at a time, how to share events with colleagues, and even briefly describe how this can be embedded on your teacher website!

There are three videos for you this week! I didn't want any of them to become to long, so I split it into three different sections. Please note - all teachers in KWHS and HHMS really need to watch the second video, regardless of comfort level, because it explains the process of checking out a ChromeCow.

Google Calendar Basics

Video 2: Adding Calendar Resources - and how to checkout Chromebooks

Please note, that this video is directed towards KWHS and HHMS teachers only.
Google Calendar - Resources and Chromebook checkout

Video 3: How to embed on your website!

Google Calendar - Embedding on your website

Instructional Technology

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