Bayside High School

The mission of the 21st Century Bayside High School library media program is to empower students and staff to be effective and ethical users of information, promote literacy, and provide open access to information.

New Policies and Procedures...


7:10am - 2:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

7:10am - 4:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays


To visit the Library during the school day, students must have a Library Assignment Pass issued by one of their content area teachers. If attending during study block, students will check in to study block, show the pass issued by their teacher, and then be dismissed by the study block teacher. Passes will be placed in your mailbox.

No passes are required from lunches, before 7:20am, or after 2:10pm.

All students must sign in at the computer in the front of the library.


One of our priorities is to integrate 21st Century Skills into the curriculums of Bayside HS students. If you are scheduling a class visit, we would like to help to plan and deliver your lessons.

Please check library availability and schedule classes on the Bayside HS Sharepoint site under the library tab. If a date or time is open in which you would like to schedule classes or use the facility, please send an email to Jennifer Leary or John Ingersoll and we will be happy to add you to the calendar. Or feel free to stop by and ask.


Library passes, daily library attendance, library calendar, and other library items will be on the BHS Sharepoint site under the "Library" tab.


The laminator is housed in the library and will be done each week on Tuesday. Please clip items together, put your name on the top, and place them in the box labeled in the library workroom.


We are here to serve the BHS students and staff by enhancing learning opportunites. Please take a few moments to answer the survey below so we can better understand your needs and goals.

Stop by - put a star on the book wall of fame!

Pardon our construction - we are updating the facility. We will have a new circulation desk in about a month!