Holistic and Spiritual Transitions

Reinventing Health Care

March 18, 2014

On March 18, 2014 from 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Holistic and Spiritual Transitions presents "The Reinventing Health Care Workshop"

Reinventing Heath Care

Tuesday, March 18th, 7-9:30pm

445 E 80th St

New York, NY


On 3/18/2014 from 7-9:30 p.m. Holistic and Spiritual Transitions, presents

"The Reinventing Healthcare Workshop"

Reinventing Health Care is a series of different Holistic and Spiritual approaches to help assist individuals in achieving overall wellness. If you have ANY interest in natural health, you would want to attend this class! If you attended before join us again and receive the information in a new way. Learn how essential oils have helped with MANY emotional and physical ailments! Feel free to bring a friend. You will get an extra chance to win.

Itinerary for - Reinventing Health Care:

1. Introduction to the speakers.

a. Raffle tickets filled out & collected

b. How to prepare the client before an energy healing

c. Energy Healing Demonstration

d. Medicine Cabinet Makeover

2. Learn how essential oils help with:





-Pain & Inflammation

-Insomnia & sleep disorders

-Cold & Flu

-Improved Vision




-Weight Loss


3. Spiritual Causes of the imbalances listed above, and whatever imbalances are discussed the night of the workshop.

4. Questions and Answers

About the Educators-

Laura Schwalm-Anthony founder and Club Organizer of Holistic and Spiritual Transitions is a Master Psychic Healer who is a certified Holistic Health & Life Style Wellness Coach. and Energy Healer. Laura Schwalm-Anthony has over 18 years experience in helping people Heal themselves of their unconscious patterns, which sabotage the quality of an individuals life.

Colleen McCartney teaches individuals how to use natural solutions, and empower them with tools to take care of themselves and their families with safer, cheaper, and more effective solutions for Financial growth opportunities as well as all around wellness, with CPTG Essential Oils from doTerra.

There will be a drawing for free oils!

Bring a friend and get an extra ticket into the drawing!

Watch this video before the class, and get an extra ticket:

In this fun & informative Class, you will learn the spiritual causes of individual balances and why energy healing should be a part of everyones preventative care as well as the essentials about Essential Oils.

Information will include the following:

-What are essential oils?
-Modern Medicine vs. Natural medicine.
-How are oils different from traditional medicine?
-Essential Oil quality – what’s important?
-What to look for in a good essential oil.
-How do oils work?
-Why do oils work?
-What are the varied uses of essential oils?
-The building blocks of good health & wellness.
-How are essential oils used/applied?
-How can essential oils support your current health challenges.
-How to incorporate oils into your every day life for optimal health.
-How to take control of your own health/healthcare.
-How to save money with your healthcare.
-Much much more

Please come on time. The price for this workshop is $10.00

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