Digital Citizenship

#MichED and #DigCit chat Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Skill building with our students.

Q1. To help develop a shared understanding of ‘digital citizenship’ as a concept, please complete this sentence:

I want my students to be digital citizens who can/are ____________.

Q2. Who “owns” digital citizenship lessons in your school or district? When/where are students receiving these lessons?

Q3. A lot of digital citizenship curriculum focus on personal behaviors over skill development. What are some of the skills digital citizens need to be successful in global communities? How are you helping students gain those skills?

Q4. Digital citizens should have opportunities to explore digital ethics. For example, “Should the government be able to access data collected by private companies?”. What areas of digital ethics do you think students should explore?

Q5. A hot topic in digital citizenship right now is balance. How do you balance time online and off? What does “balance” mean to you? How might you help student reflect on their digital practices and achieve a healthy balance?

Q6. Reflect on your own knowledge and abilities as a teacher of digital citizens. What is one way you can grow this year? How might you go about improving your content knowledge or practice?

Q7. What are some of your favorite resources for teaching digital citizens? Hit us up with links to activities, blog posts, books and more

Leave us with a GIF that describes your relationship with technology.

Dr. Kristen Mattson

#FutureReady librarian interested in #digcit & #medialiteracy ; #ISTE18Emerging Leader Award Winner; #ISTEauthor: Digital Citizenship in Action

MACUL workshops on March 20, 2019 at Cobo Center.

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Digital Citizenship in Action!